Day: January 19, 2011

See the portrait that prompted Zach Galifianakis to write an apology within a thank-you note

If you haven't yet been to the Gallery1988 exhibit, "Is This Thing On?," then you must not be anywhere near Los Angeles. Because that's where that is. Thanks to the Internet, however, you can view — and even buy originals and prints from the awesome collection of artwork inspired by comedians. Mike Mitchell, the man who inspired Team Coco with his image of Conan O'Brien, pictured Zach Galifianakis as "Marijuana Santa Claus." It's out of stock, in case you wanted to buy the print from Gallery1988. But you can stare at this all day long if you like: Galifianakis wrote a thank-you note to Mitchell, and managed to be self-deprecating in just a few words by apologizing for his own face. Aww. And you can see that, too! Thanks to Mitchell for sharing this with...

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New regime at Comix, new rules: Comedy with an emphasis on the mix

Put the rumors to bed. Comix isn't closing up shop. Comix isn't turning into a sports bar. But the "Comix" sign has been taken down from the wall onstage the New York City comedy club, and the new owners say they plan on mixing things up to attract the clientele that already populates their location on the edge of the Meatpacking District. "We're going to give the neighborhood what it needs," Mike Romer told me last week. Romer and Neal Erman, who previously have collaborated on the Flatiron nightclub Room Service, invested in Comix in September 2010. They've made some recent cosmetic changes, from the paintings onstage and along the walls to new seating in both the theater space and the bar/lounge. By February, they plan on emphasizing the mix part of Comix even more — while the mainstage will continue to be called Comix, the overall space will get a new name and a new Website. "It's going to be an old-school Copa-type variety club," Romer said. "We don't want to be Carolines. We don't want to be 23rd Street (Gotham)." He's thinking younger and more aggressive. "You're going to come in here one night and see a woman in a hula hoop telling jokes wearing pasties." Added booker Kim Hannwacker: "A lot of comedy clubs want to get you in and get you out. We want you to stay...

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Craig Rowin asked the Internet for $1 million, and he shall receive it?!

Craig Rowin is an improviser at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC, where he performs regularly on Friday nights with The Law Firm. Rowin also is a contributor to The Onion and its TV show, Onion SportsDome, wrote for Matt Besser's Comedy Central pilot, and is the head writer and director for the webseries, "The Pretty Good Sports Show." All of that pales in comparison to the stunt Rowin is pulling off right now. A couple of months ago, Rowin posted a video to YouTube asking a millionaire — any millionaire — to come forward and give him $1 million. Cash or check only. He had no plans for the money. Just wanted it. Roll the clip.   The video got passed around, and he received lots of emails, which he read online. Rowin also gave an interview to a local TV news station in Alabama. Rowin isn't from Alabama. He then went back online to ask again for $1 million, and said an offer of $5,000 wasn't going to cut it. He even opened up the offer to corporations. And what do you know? It worked! A rich man named Benjamin called him to take him up on the offer. Yes. That's right. Craig Rowin will receive a check for $1 million live onstage at the UCB on Feb. 2. Aubrey Plaza (UCB alum who's on...

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Andrew Norelli on Jimmy Kimmel Live

On last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, comedian Andrew Norelli made a solid case against raising your expectations when you and the gang go on a Vegas vacation, as well as for not trying so hard to pose for a photo. Fun fact: Norelli will be recording a CD for Uproar later this month in Seattle. Random fact about Norelli: He finished as runner-up in the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival contest. Other random fact about Norelli: He used to be a writer for Byron Allen's Comics Unleashed. And in slightly related news: What happened to the fake-brick Bud Light stage that Kimmel was putting the comedians on earlier? Hmmm. Roll the clip!...

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Gabriel Iglesias on Conan, jokes about being recognized, and how he’s the top Google result for “fluffy”

Gabriel Iglesias did stand-up and panel last night on Conan, joking about being famous enough to be recognized, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Related: Google "fluffy" and Iglesias is the top result. Also: Jorts! Iglesias is currently on a stand-up comedy tour with dates here in the United States, as well as in the Middle East and Australia. Roll the clip!...

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