Day: January 18, 2011

Peerindex ranked British comedians on Twitter to see who has the most influence. See the top 12!

Assembling more than a million followers on your Twitter feed is all well and good, but are all of those people actually paying attention to what you're typing? Peerindex crunched the numbers on 248 comedians in Britain (although a couple of Yanks snuck into the mix!) to see how much influence they had across multiple social media platforms, based on the following criteria: Authority: how well does a person resonate with their audience, and the world at large? How likely are they to say or share things other people will find interesting? Audience: how large is a persons audience? How engaged? Activity: how active is a person in order to drive the resonance and audience we see? After all of that, Peerindex comes up with a weighted number (score) between 1 and 100, and the median is 19. With that, here are the top 12 British comedians on Twitter right now. You can see the longer top 100 list of British comedians on Peerindex, along with a longer explanation of their methods. Of course, I'm sure many of my readers want to know how the American comedians would fare…well, Peerindex? What do you say? We already know you've given scores of 41 to both Nick Kroll and Rob Delaney. How about the...

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Bob Newhart talks the “The Talk,” walks the walk about laughter as key to a lengthy marriage

This afternoon, I happened to catch part of the daytime chat show, The Talk, the very idea of which makes me want to hit myself with a hammer. Which, interestingly enough, is how guest Bob Newhart described growing up with three sisters! Newhart, married for 48 years, said he met his wife when Buddy Hackett set him up with her on a blind date. Newhart also argues that laughter is the key to a lengthy marriage, and cited Hackett, Don Rickles, George Burns as evidence that comedians — of all the performing artists — make for the best spouses. As I pointed out on Twitter earlier today, there are some obvious exceptions to that rule. I know that all too well. Roll the clip already!...

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“Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza,” now with Tony Danza

The long-running Internet comedy team of Barats and Bereta are back with a new short film called "Scott and Zander's Crazy Night Out." From their avatar, you'd presume that this short will be featured on an upcoming episode of Funny or Die Presents on HBO. We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, enjoy this clip from it, in which the fellas encounter Tony Danza and ask him if Elton John's song lyrics really ask them to "Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza." Tiny Dancer. Tony Danza. So close. In related news, I heard Tony Danza had a TV series in which he pretended to be a public-school teacher, but for real? Sounds like somebody got knocked in the head too many times. But I'm not the boss. Oh, wait. I am the boss. Roll it!   Full credits: Starring Tony Danza, Barats & Bereta, Matt Walsh, Cleo King, Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Julianna Guill, Bret Ernst, Ahmed Ahmed, and Iliza...

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TCA 2011 winter tour comedy roundup: Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s coming back?

The winter press tour for the TV Critics Association in Pasadena, Calif., wrapped up business over the weekend, so it might be good to catch you all up on what's what in terms of TV comedy in the coming months. By network. ABC: Early renewals for next fall already for Castle, Cougar Town, The Middle and Modern Family. Mr. Sunshine, starring Matthew Perry, debuts on Feb. 9. Happy Endings will show up on April 13. CBS: The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for three additional seasons. FOX: Raising Hope will return next fall for a second season, while Running Wilde and The Good Guys are done. Bob's Burgers debuted two episodes ago. Catch up! Traffic Light will debut on Feb. 8. FX: Wilfred, the show based on an Australian series in which a man (Elijah Wood) sees a dog as a man in a dog costume (Jason Gann, reprising his Aussie role), will debut at 10 p.m. Thursday sometime this summer. Followed by the second season of Louis CK's Louie. CK has filmed some of his stand-up for it, but no full production just yet. The seventh and final season of Denis Leary's Rescue Me kicks off July 12. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League both will return in the fall. GSN: Not sure they were part of TCA (probably not), but during it, the Game Show Network...

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