Day: January 13, 2011

Listen to Bill Cosby talk Temple, TV, Jell-O and more on a podcast (not the podcast you’re thinking of)

I know you've seen Bill Cosby on Letterman this week, but what if I were to say you could hear Cos talk for an hour about Temple sports and John Chaney, breaking though on I Spy, the original Bill Cosby Show (and the writers he hired for it), working on the Jell-O commercials (and the writers he fought with on it), and more? You'd like that, wouldn't you? Cosby did just that earlier this week on a podcast. No. Not the podcast you're thinking of. Not that one, either. Nope. Guess again. Wait. Stop guessing. Cosby guested Sunday morning with "Big Band Files" in Florida, hosted by Doug Miles of The Bradenton Times. You can listen to the hour-plus conversation with Bill Cosby at the...

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Asylum spends the night with Rachel Feinstein has a recurring feature called Hot Girl, Cool Job, and for their "comedian edition," they followed stand-up Rachel Feinstein for the night (or what appears to be multiple nights, from the costume changes — if not, then what weren't they showing us!) and documenting it on film. Flipping back and forth from NYC comedy shows to back seat rides in taxicabs, Feinstein talks about her life and career, and gets recognized by diner patrons from her appearance on Last Comic Standing. Next week, she'll be recording her first stand-up comedy CD for Comedy Central Records, with two shows on Jan. 20 at Gotham Comedy Club. Tag along with Rachel Feinstein by rolling the clip!...

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Rob Delaney’s “Naked and Bloody” is bloody hell funny

If you're on Twitter and enjoy reading funny things, then odds are strong that you likely already know and follow the quick-hit offerings of Rob Delaney @robdelaney. If you read The Comic's Comic, then the house won't even take your odds, because I've mentioned his ribald brilliance on the Tweets multiple times. But what happens when you see Delaney in person, spinning a 45-minute yarn in real life, in real time? That's what you get in "Naked and Bloody," which Delaney is quick to point out is not just a one-man show. Only the worst people do one-man shows, he says in a short stand-up routine before he regales the audience with his story. Delaney opens his narrative arc directly at the title's tipping point, with himself bleeding and revealing all of his naughty bits about nine years ago, precariously perched on a wheelchair in jail. He goes on to explain what he did to get to there, and what he did to get better. Along the way, you'll hear him talk glowingly about "the fun" and "great people" he encountered, even as he's describing scenarios that don't sound like they'd be much fun to experience yourself. "Naked and Bloody" can be looked at as a cautionary tale, a shining beacon of hope out of the darkness of life, perhaps both, or even just an obscenely funny story about the lowest...

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Tim Minchin makes his American TV debut on Conan, and Team Coco reveals his other song choice

Somewhere in a land between Reggie Watts and Bo Burnham is the fabulous rock 'n roll piano-playing comedy of Tim Minchin, who has become increasingly popular where he lives in the U.K., as well as in his native Australia. In America, audiences in New York City and Los Angeles (and comedy festivals in Aspen and Las Vegas) only have had a few chances to experience Minchin's talent since 2007. Last night, everyone got a chance to see and hear him as Minchin made his American TV debut on Conan. He opened with "Inflatable You."   Safe choice? Good entry point? Perhaps and yes. But the folks at Team Coco pointed out this morning that Minchin considered performing a completely different song, which has more of a socio-political bent, as well as a message that would have rang right at home with Conan himself. Team Coco wasn't so sure, revealing: "we thought that the US audience wouldn‚Äôt be familiar enough with the term 'ginger.'" Let's take a look and listen to "Prejudice," shall we?...

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Maz Jobrani defends being bald, explains his multicultural household on Lopez Tonight

When comedians are bald, they'll usually be the first to point that out. In that respect, Maz Jobrani was no different on his appearance this week on Lopez Tonight. But Jobrani was born in Iran, so his mother had some unique solutions to help him grow his hair back. Plus, his wife is from India, and their nanny is from Guatemala. Is that why they called our country the great American melting pot? I don't know. I just remember that Saturday morning cartoon. Everybody else: Roll the clip!...

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