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What’s creepier? The Lonely Island’s “The Creep” for SNL, or Owen Benjamin’s 2007 ditty, “I’m Creepy”

As we become more and more interconnected by the series of tubes that contains the wires that shuttles the data that makes up the World Wide Web, it must be that much more difficult to come up with an idea that somebody else hasn't already thought up and posted up on the Internet already. Throughout this season of SNL, we've comedians and comedy fans cry foul on several sketches and videos, claiming they'd been there, done that. This week? It's The Lonely Island's new SNL Digital Short, "The Creep," that's in question. Because four years ago, comedian Owen Benjamin wrote and performed a song called, "I'm Creepy," that includes the requisite mustache, as well as a specific dance move. It went up on MySpace in January 2007, and later was featured both by the site and by A couple of friends of the site wanted me to put this out there to see what you think. Roll the clip:   So what do you think? Are there any original ideas that haven't yet hit the Internet? Am I going to follow up that question with another question? Something something yellow. There. That settles that. But what about these creepy...

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SNL #36.13 RECAP: Host Jesse Eisenberg, musical guest Nicki Minaj

Having already posted two big SNL sketches from last weekend on Saturday night, I wanted to step back from the show and come back to it later. So here we are. Later.   Within a few seconds of watching Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's alternate response to President Obama's State of the Union address last week, I knew immediately that Saturday Night Live would be putting Kristen Wiig in the cold open to ice this crazy lady and then some. And there she was. But how would SNL play it? They decided to try giving Bachmann (Wiig) a second shot at her response. Oops, she's doing it again. It gets a little absurd at the end, but I came away from it wishing it had gone for an even weirder, less, well, straight-ahead take. The original already was ridiculous enough. Still, this is much better than most of the show's previous political cold opens. So. Good start. Our host, Jesse Eisenberg, is bustling with energy, isn't he? My thoughts on the Eisenberg monologue, with Andy Samberg as Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Zuckerberg as Mark Zuckerberg.   More and more, SNL is relying on cheap sexual visuals, and this ad for Estro-maxx is no exception. Look at the man-boobs on Bill Hader and Fred Armisen. Look at Paul Brittain and Bobby Moynihan in drag. I get it. We all get it. First,...

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Photo of the day: Casey Rose Wilson as “Snooki”

Former SNLer Casey Wilson has posted some photos from behind-the-scenes of her upcoming ABC sitcom, Happy Endings, which is scheduled to debut April 13. The cast also includes Elisha Cuthbet, Eliza Coupe, Damon Wayans Jr., Adam Pally and Zachary Knighton. Here's one of Wilson as Snooki. You like? (Via Whatevs) In related news, today is Bobby Moynihan's birthday. In news related to the related news, today also is happy birthday day for Paul Scheer and Nick DiPaolo, and Carol Channing turns 90! Happy Snooks for...

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“I Love You, Man,” the mini-sequel: Jason Segel & Paul Rudd meet Rush backstage

It's not quite a sequel to the 2009 film, I Love You, Man, so call this scene an extended bonus happy ending, as Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) gets a special birthday present from his BFF, Sydney Fife (Jason Segel): all-access passes to a Rush concert. They go backstage afterward into the hard-rockin' Canadian band's green room to meet the trio and more. Did I say happy ending? Will it be? You'll have to watch this Funny or Die exclusive to find out. Roll the clip!...

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92Y appeases NYC comedy fans with new series, hosted by Judy Gold, kicking off with Whoopi Goldberg

The 92Y caught a lot of flack over its recent panel with Steve Martin because the conversation with the comedian spent more time on his love of art than it did on things that the Upper East Side venue's audience wanted to hear: Namely, things that are funny. They're making things much clearer in 2011. Comedian Judy Gold is launching a new series of interviews with comedians at the 92Y, and it kicks off Feb. 17 with Whoopi Goldberg. Future comedian-on-comedian chats with Gold will be scheduled in May, June and in the fall. The 92Y hosted/curated a similar series years ago with Joy...

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