Day: December 28, 2010

Watch Sarah Silverman and Andy Dick talk to Comedy Death-Ray before you see it on IFC

Earlier this month, The Comic's Comic told you how IFC was not only acquiring the rebroadcast rights to The Larry Sanders Show, Mr. Show, and The Ben Stiller Show, but also buttressing them with new interviews with stars of all of those instant classic comedies with Comedy Death-Ray's Scott Aukerman. Well, the new IFC comedy block debuts with episodes of Larry Sanders next Monday, Jan. 3, 2011. And you already can see clips of the first CDR/IFC interviews online. Here Aukerman talks to Sarah Silverman and Andy Dick about Larry Sanders. Roll the teasers!     Related: See more clips from IFC's Comedy Death-Ray...

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Kevin Avery talks about Kickstarter-ing his short film, “Thugs, The Musical”

Mindy Raf did it last year to record her CD. This summer, Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting and The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict did it to fund their trips to the Edinburgh Fringe. The Monsters of Comedy did it to film a documentary of their West Coast tour this fall. And in the past few weeks, FUCT, Mel and El and Chris Gethard all successfully have done it to raise money for their expeditions and projects for 2011. Now comes Kevin Avery to the Kickstarter site, looking to raise $10,000 to turn part of his stand-up comedy routine into a short film called Thugs, The Musical. Avery is more than 80% of the way there with 10 days remaining in his fund-raising window. With Kickstarter, if you don't reach your goal, it doesn't happen. At least not with Kickstarter! Avery recently chatted with me about his project. But first, here's his pitch video. Roll it.   How long has "Thugs" been a part of your stand-up? "Probably like a couple of years," Avery said. "It was one of those things, one of those bits I thought up and almost threw it out. This is ridiculous. Then one day I tried it. I remember walking to the Punchline and thinking up a couple of songs and that was that." You've got quite a few high-profile people lined up to participate in the film: David Alan Grier,...

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