Day: December 22, 2010

Beast vs. Beast: The PIT and The UCB think alike when it comes to new East Side venues

If you saw this ad for The PIT and wondered, hey, that looks familiar, that's because of course it does. The PIT calling its new East Side venue in Gramercy "PIT East: The Beast" is more than a little bit curious since The Upright Citizens Brigade is hard at work on its own new theater space in the East Village that the UCB's Ian Roberts was telling people this summer to call "UC Beast." Unless this is just Ali's way of teasing them. If so, it's working! (via The...

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What’s weirder: Pauly Shore’s upcoming Vegas show at the Palms, or the fact that you could open for him?

When I saw this poster for Pauly Shore's "Vegas Is My Oyster" show at Palms Las Vegas, I didn't quite know what to make of it. OK. So. Obviously Pauly isn't carrying the show, because he's getting help from Andy Dick, April Macie, Tom Green, Dave Navarro (wait a second, he's not a comedian), Amber Lancaster (?), Michelle "Bombshell" McGee (WTF?!?!? The Nazi tattoo lady who broke up Sandra Bullock's marriage?), Maz Jobrani, Bobby Lee, Faizon Love, Carrot Top, Charlyne Yi. OK. I'm not even done with the names, and my head is still spinning imagining all of these people back in the green room as one collective. But that's not the weirdest part. The weirdest part is the Palms is holding a contest for comedians that gives one of you the chance to join this shindig with a five-minute slot of your very own onstage at the show on Jan. 9, 2011. Complete with airfare, ground transportation and a two-night stay at the resort! How would you like them apples? They're also giving away four other pairs of tickets. Go here to enter the contest: And if you win, please tell me ALL about it. I mean...

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Should Justin Timberlake join SNL full-time for a season? The precedent for big-name cast additions

In making the promotional rounds for his performance in the Yogi Bear movie, Justin Timberlake fielded at least two separate queries about whether he'd want to join Saturday Night Live as a full-time cast member. Timberlake himself didn't bring up the subject either on the red carpet or last week on Lopez Tonight, but he also hasn't made it a secret that he'd love to give it go full-time for a season. Sound crazy? Actually no. Particularly since Timberlake has focused more on his acting than on his music in recent years. And particularly since SNL is seeming more and more like it's in a transitional year. When that happens, the show has shuffled the deck by bringing big-name additions to the cast. See: 1984-1985. When Eddie Murphy became a superstar and left SNL before the end of the 1983-84 season, the show's second-biggest star (Joe Piscopo) also left. Dick Ebersol replaced them with Billy Crystal, Martin Short, Rich Hall, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer. The following season, when Ebersol stepped aside and Lorne Michaels returned to produce the show, Michaels hired Randy Quaid, Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Downey Jr. Almost a decade later, as Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman and others left the cast, Michael McKean completed the circle of Spinal Tap members to join SNL when he came onboard in the spring of 1994 during season 19....

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UCB offers “Trip Tips” to deal with your family’s holiday guilt trips

During the holidays, many of us will be making trips home to see our families. Unless you're not into that sort of thing. That's when you encounter a different type of trip. The guilt trip. The Upright Citizens Brigade's comedy team is here to help with some trip tips to get you through the holidays. Roll it.   Related: Babelgum's comedy publisher, Amber J. Lawson, just went on her own trip, leaving Babelgum for America Online to become AOL's head of video programming. And she has taken her partnership with Landline TV with her. Furthermore: Landline TV's latest video asked kids to tell the story of Christmas, and you know how kids say the darnedest things, so they cannot keep their story...

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In case you missed it: Maria Bamford wished you a happy holiday on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

I don't know what you were doing out late on Friday night, because I'm not your mother and you didn't update your Facebook and Twitter status to check in with me on Foursquare. But I do know that if you had stayed in and tuned in Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, you would have enjoyed it as Craigy Ferg welcomed both Billy Connolly and "the adorable and hilarious" Maria Bamford to his late-night story time. Here is the Bammer's set from that show — now with pink hair! — in which she notes that the holidays remind her that she's not real big on relationships right about now. Also, if you want to see why Maria Bamford doesn't want to get botox, watch all the way to the end. I know. You already were going to watch the whole thing. So what are you waiting for? Roll it!...

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