Day: December 6, 2010

MySpace unveiled a new Comedy Hub on Friday, just before Tumblr crashed. Coincidence? Probably!

Whenever you've heard over the past two years that MySpace is doing something new, you likely rolled your eyes, shrugged your shoulders, or otherwise made a figurative whatever at the gesture. You'd moved on, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Tumblr. But this time is different! No. Really. Just take a look at the new MySpace Comedy home page. It debuted on Friday afternoon, and like other sites that want to be your hub for comedy, it's built upon a combination of original content, shiny images, and social media sharing functions. This is what Randi Siegel, MySpace's director for comedy relations and talent, had to say about the relaunched product: The Myspace Comedy hub has been a passion project for me and my editor, Scott Rubin, because we live and love comedy.  This new hub is a place for unique, quality, humorous and tragically comedic content and it will keep people connected to the latest news, events and projects from A-list comedy Gods, content partners, and really funny, remarkably low paid writers.  Axe Hair is sponsoring our launch to promote their web show ‚ÄúChad, Matt & Rob present The Teleporter‚Äù‚Ķor maybe just to remind comics to wash their hair every once in a while. Myspace Comedy is the latest addition to the Movies, TV and Celebrity Hubs which all combine editorial and trending articles that feature news, videos and photos...

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SNL #36.8 RECAP: Host Robert DeNiro, musical guest Diddy-Dirty Money

If Saturday Night Live welcomes back one of America's iconic award-winning actors as a returning host, and adds a couple of surprise cameos from big-name comedians, then we can just pretend that on paper, this would have been a great episode and forget that they actually aired the thing. Right? But that's why we play the games. Oops. Sorry. Focused a little bit on sports and ESPN recently. The mixed metaphor still applies here, though, because, no disrepect to Robert DeNiro and SNL, but maybe they shouldn't keep asking him back if he cannot do the job of reading lines on live TV, or if they cannot do the job of writing cue cards in big enough letters for him to read them properly. Really, Seth and Amy?!? OK, just Seth. OK, just Lorne, then.   The episode actually got off to a solid start, with a misdirect cold open message from President Barack Obama (and yes, still played by Fred Armisen, so just groan and bear it) interrupted almost immediately by Julian Assange (Bill Hader), the guy responsible for WikiLeaks. But this turns out to be a misdirect, as Assange is heading up a new made-for-TV version called WikiLeaks: TMZ. I try not to watch and thereby support the TV version of TMZ, because in doing so, we're all encouraging the paparazzi to attack anyone anywhere anytime. That...

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Bristol Palin’s ghostwriter makes lesbian joke about Margaret Cho, which Cho laughed off on her birthday

I don't know if you watched Dancing With The Stars this season, but comedian Margaret Cho was in the competition, as was 20-year-old single mother Bristol Palin, who you may know better as a daughter of would-be political leader Sarah Palin. In a post called "Pistol Whipped" on her blog on Nov. 29, Cho wrote about the Palins, saying very favorable things about Bristol and her performance, but not-so nice things about mama Palin, accusing Sarah Palin of forcing Bristol to do the show and blaming Bristol for the 2008 loss of McCain/Palin. Ahem. Cho went on to write: Although I don’t agree with the family’s politics at all, I really like Bristol as a person. She’s warm and incredibly supportive, and I think that she looks beautiful out on the dance floor. It’s heartbreaking that people are so awful to her about her weight. I think she looks fantastic, and why does everybody think they have a right to comment on our bodies? What are young girls going to take away from that? If people call her fat what kind of impact does that have on women who have similar body types – which is most of us??!! Still, it is a dance competition, and so I am sure that people feel they have the right to judge bodies and not just ability. That’s just wrong. So how...

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Small talk, comedy on the road, spoiled rich kids and white problems: Louis CK tells Jay Leno what’s what

Louis CK told his fans on Friday night via Twitter to catch his most recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, saying "2nd segment was the funnest time I evr had on a talk show." Sic sic! So what did you miss if you didn't tune in? In the first segment, Louis told Jay about how even the process of talking — what they're both professionally doing at that very moment — is a weird task, then answers Leno's question about his stand-up comedy tour by explaining how little he cares about tourism these days, as well as saving money, which CK says is an arrogant thing to do. You hear that, Jay? Arrogance!   The conversation then turns to inheritance and spoiled rich kids, and how it relates to not only the d-bags you've likely seen on a TV series near you, but also a kingdom in the past. Being a stand-up comedian, however, that's a "heavy responsibility." Especially when Louis reminds Leno about his audience numbers and demographics!   And if you're a 20-year-old who's still able to pay attention to what Louis is saying, then listen to what he has to say about his kids.   Louis CK, still so great. Even when he's clearly doing material, because the way Louis CK does material is so conversational already. And to anyone who is on...

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After SNL, @chrisgethard finally met @iamdiddy and the #diddygethard promise was reborn once more

Knowing that Sean Combs, aka "Diddy," was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and knowing that many friends and colleagues of comedian Chris Gethard work on SNL, then it's not surprising that forces of karma worked for good and got the two of them to meet face-to-face. If you need catching up, then read my Christmas Day/New Year's Eve 2009 report from Gethard about his mission to get Diddy to appear on his monthly show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC. Diddy said he would, but then he hadn't. So Gethard, while promoting his Comedy Central series Big Lake this summer, got Jimmy Fallon to spread the word once again on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Again, Diddy said he'd do the show, but then he hadn't. But early Sunday morning, after SNL, Diddy met Gethard. This is how that looked:   I'm not sure why Diddy needs Twitter to remind him to do the show in January. He could just do the show. Diddy: Do the show. Gethard's message accompanying this clip on YouTube?  "Attention everyone who doubted and hated on the likelihood of DiddyGethard ever actually happening – you...

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