Day: November 26, 2010

Pic of the Turkey Day: Thanksgiving at Drink at Work

Hope everybody out there enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I know I did, and here's a bit of photographic evidence courtesy of Mindy Tucker, as we do our own take on a famous TV poster, er, I mean religious painting… Top row: Me, Jill Anders, Sharon M. Spell, Corey Pandolph, Sean Crespo, Sean Canady; Bottom row: Kristen MacIntire Pandolph, Kelley Robertson Gorden, Rob Gorden, Carol Hartsell, Lizz Winstead, Joe Garden, Barry Lank, Dan Wilbur, Anita Serwacki and David Murrell Click on it to make it bigger. What you didn't see: This is a panaromic of shots by Tucker, in which we held our poses while she moved alongside the other side of the dinner table. Also, our hosts (Drink at Work's Sean Crespo and Carol Hartsell) decorated the area above the table with a leafy display — only two things even give that away in the photo. And no, we didn't study "The Last Supper" image very long before providing our own interpretation thereof. Which explains my lack of accuracy. Otherwise great job, everybody! The Apiary called it the Ultimate NYC Thanksgiving Photo. Thanks!...

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Friendly day-after-Thanksgiving reminder: Time for another 12-hour all-star Pardcast-a-thon!

For the second time going, Jimmy Pardo and his crew at the Never Not Funny podcast will be broadcasting a live 12-hour marathon, dubbed Pardcast-a-thon, with special celebrity guests, starting at 6 p.m. Pacific (9 p.m. Eastern, whatever time where you live tonight). It raises money for Smile Train, a charitable organization that funds surgeries for children suffering from unrepaired cleft lips and palates. It's a good cause and a good time and even if you're not a comedy nerd, you're likely to see more than one famous face that everyone loves during the live-streaming broadcast. Roll the quick tease from Pardo and Matt Belknap!...

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