Day: November 23, 2010

Paul Scheer sells Adult Swim on NTSF:SD:SUV, with 12 episodes to air in summer 2011

Congrats to Paul Scheer, who just received a 12-episode order from Adult Swim based just on his commercial that aired during another Cartoon Network/Adult Swim program, Childrens' Hospital. Deadline reports that Scheer is writing and executive producing the series, with Childrens' Hospital's Jon Stern also onboard as e.p. On Twitter, Scheer described National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle thusly: "It'll be like Michael Bay Fisting Tony Scott. Check it out!" Previously: Could "National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle" be too good to be TV true? (with...

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The Laugh Factory to open its doors once again on Thanksgiving to feed L.A.’s needy with food and funny

If you know or see someone in Los Angeles who needs some help this Thanksgiving, make sure you tell them that the Laugh Factory once again will open its doors to them with free food and comedy. It's the 31st year Jamie Masada has hosted a free Thanksgiving event for the community, with comedians lending a hand handing out food, and also performing in between meals. Here's some video from a previous year's Turkey Day festivities....

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Cookie Monster’s “audition tape” for Saturday Night Live does an SNL episode in four minutes

Look, just because Facebook helped convince Lorne Michaels that Betty White could host Saturday Night Live in her 80s (with a little help from several former SNL ladies), that doesn't mean everybody else should be mounting a campaign to host the show. Which is where Cookie Monster comes in. Cookie Monster? Cookie Monster. If you haven't already seen this video — it has been bouncing around the Internet today — I'm about to show it to you here. In this Muppet's audition tape, the blue "cookie enthusiast" tackles the major aspects of the show within four minutes, from opening credits to monologue, parody sketch, musical guest, bumpers and closing goodbyes.   Already, more than 7,000 people have liked the Facebook campaign to get Cookie Monster to host SNL. Why do they need Facebook's help, though? The Muppets were on the very first episode of SNL and appeared throughout the first season and into the second, so you'd think someone over there still has Lorne's number. That said, in all semi-seriousness, the video is clever and cute as most Muppet videos are, but I don't see Cookie Monster faring quite as well on the live broadcast. I do, think, however, that they could have a lot of fun inviting all of the Muppets back for a special episode when the new Muppets movie comes out next...

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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno knowingly ripped off VH1 bloggers with Taylor Swift video montage

There's parallel thinking, and then there's the time a TV show asks you for permission to use your work, and then does so without credit. That's apparently what happened last night to VH1 bloggers Rich Juzwiak and Kate Spencer, no thanks to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In a post titled, "Jay Leno ripped me off" on his own popular personal blog, FourFour, Juzwiak recounts what happened. Here is the video from VH1's The Fab Life, posted on Nov. 16, 2010:   And this is Jay Leno telling Taylor Swift last night what "we" "put together" for her:   After the show ended, and Juzwiak didn't see his or Spencer's name in the credits, he wrote: What surprised me the most wasn't so much that Kate and I weren't mentioned, but that the video wasn't credited as having originated on the Internet. This is not an obscure work – it's racked up over 200,000 views in a week! I thought at the very least, he'd give and indication of this thing's preexistence so that his viewers could hunt it down if they were so inclined. That was, apparently, expecting too much. This post is to reclaim due credit — that is one very tangible function of this blog that I appreciate very much. As with my NPR/cell-phone supercut feud, I am grateful that I don't have to stand by and...

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2010 Seattle comedy competition’s final five a West Coast tilt

The 2010 edition of the Seattle International Comedy Competition enters its fourth and final week with five finalists, two based in Seattle, two in Portland, and the fifth in Los Angeles. And they are, in alphabetical order (and also pictured with contest guru Ron Reid in a different order)… Drew BarthBilly Wayne DavisDax JordanEddie PenceAuggie Smith Joe List missed the finals by 21/100th of a point! I wonder how Seattle's contests always boil down to such close races, and yet, they always figure out a way to do it. The finals begin tonight in Seattle, with finalists performing 20-minute sets five times in the next six nights, and a new winner crowned on Sunday. Good luck,...

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