Day: November 19, 2010

A brief note, a promise and an appeal as year three is in the books for The Comic’s Comic

On a Friday afternoon three years ago this week, I sat down to my laptop in a hotel room at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and stopped filing stories as an employed newspaper reporter and began a new voyage as a full-time self-employed online journalist. Or as you likely refer to me, a blogger. I launched The Comic's Comic because nobody else was legitimately covering comedy on an equal footing with the other performing arts. Three years later, as comedy itself has boomed once again, the new media landscape has rushed in to take advantage of it in one form or another. You can click around and take a look if you want. I'll wait. I'll even point some out to you. If you like to laugh, then you should know of these sites that now regularly produce and distribute funny videos: Funny or Die, College Humor, UCB Comedy, The Onion and I could spend plenty of time every day simply embedding their latest videos for you, but I'm sure that they would enjoy your traffic on their actual sites just as much, if not more. Bookmark them. Make them your friendly diversions when you want a chuckle. If you want to see some funny original series, then check out My Damn Channel. Rob does a great job of finding talented people and letting them create original series. I'd...

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More about that new Drew Carey improv comedy show coming to GSN in Spring 2011

Remember how I told you Drew Carey would be rounding up his improv comedy pals for a new show on GSN? Here are the details: GSN has ordered 40 episodes, to start airing in spring 2011, with Drew Carey and Joe Roth producing. The show does not yet have a title, but it'll include Carey and his friends, plus "surprise" guest stars, performing half-hours of improvised sketches with audience participation. It'll tape in January and February at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. So, essentially, if you liked Whose Line is it Anyway? and the live touring shows of Drew Carey's Improv All-Stars, then this should be a lot like that. “I’m thrilled to be working with GSN—this is a real passion project for me,” Carey said in a press release. “My cast and the live audience and I will be having more fun than probably should be legal and, thanks to GSN, fans across the country will get to be a part of the fun.”...

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Midnight Muggles! UCB Theatre hosts a very Harry Potter weekend

The first part of the final Harry Potter film is in a cinema near you now, and the folks at the Upright Citizens Brigade have gotten into the spirit, with two special shows at midnight this weekend at the NYC theater, and one show on Saturday in Los Angeles. Tonight is Harry Potter musical night with "The Kirk Cameron Repertory Players," as they "improve upon" JK Rowling's series, inspired by former kid actor and now born-again conservative Christian Kirk Cameron.  Starring: Michael Kayne, Ryan Dunkin, Rachel Bloom, Michael Martin, Tim Dunn, Natasha Rothwell, Sarah Claspell, Kirk D'amato, Jonathan DeMuth, Don Fanelli, Amber Petty, Mike Still Saturday's midnight show will host the Hogwarts Improvisational Society's championship face-off, naturally between Gryffindor and Slytherin. The teams: GRYFFINDOR Justin D'AmbrosioKatey Healy-WurzburgConnor McClurePam MurphyMary ReganAchilles StamatelakyShannon Taing SLYTHERIN Chelsea ClarkeNate DernLauren HunterJeff LeeJaime SkinnerStephanie StreisandJohn Trowbridge Not to be completely undone, the Los Angeles branch of the UCB is putting on an all-star Harry Potter and the Hogwarts talent show at 10 p.m. Pacific on Saturday, featuring… Matt Besser as Severus SnapeArmen Weitzman as Harry PotterMookie Blaiklock as Ron WeasleyRiki Lindhome as Luna LovegoodKulap Vilaysack as VoldemortStephanie Allynne as Hermione GrangerJoe Wagner as HagridJames Pumphrey & Joe Hartzler as Crabbe & GoyleMeghan Falcone as Ginny WeasleyJon Glover as a DementorDrew Droegeand more! If you need brushing up, you can always apply for a class at Hogwarts Tech:...

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Interview: “Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons,” your son Greg wrote about becoming a comedian, now talks about it

In his new memoir, "Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons," comedian Greg Fitzsimmons creates a self-portrait of the comedian as a young man, complete with photos and letters upon letters from disciplinary figures in his life to illustrate just how Greg evolved into the stand-up comedian, TV comedy writer, and radio/podcast broadcaster you know today. You can listen to an excerpt from Fitzsimmons himself, courtesy of Vanity Fair. And if you buy it as an e-Book, you'll get to see/hear his famous friends read the letters. Last week, Fitzsimmons performed stand-up on Late Show with David Letterman.    Also last week, Fitzsimmons sat down with The Comic's Comic to talk about his book and more in a wide-ranging discussion. How did the Fitzdog Radio podcast evolve out of your Sirius show on Howard 101? "The podcast was born out of feeling like there was more meat on the bone at the end of the Sirius interviews. So my producer, who just happened to be a guy who knew a lot about podcasting, because he worked on, or still works on Adam Carolla's podcasts. So we basically do the Sirius interview. We stop down for about maybe five minutes, and then we just start recording it for the podcast. So that's Monday. And then the second podcast each week, I'll go, I'm going to Seattle tomorrow morning, so I'll do a podcast from...

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Jim Gaffigan adds seventh Nokia Theater date in NYC, talks about taking on Broadway, return of the McRib

Jim Gaffigan has added a seventh show to his December run of shows here in NYC at the Nokia Theater with Todd Glass opening — tickets went on sale at noon today — and last night, Gaffigan sat down with me to talk about some other news in his world. As you may have heard, Gaffigan will be part of the spring 2011 Broadway revival of "That Championship Season," in a cast that also includes Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Chris Noth and Brian Cox. Gaffigan also jokes quite a bit about McDonald's in his new hour of stand-up, so I had to ask him about the return of the McRib. His wife, Jeannie (who's holding the camera), also weighs in with her review. That's the set-up. Here's the pay-off. Roll the clip!...

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