Day: November 15, 2010

Are you already complying with Adam Carolla’s rules for bathroom etiquette?

Do you know how to act in public? More importantly, perhaps: Do you know how to act in a public bathroom? I didn't think so. Adam Carolla definitely knows you don't, which is why he has made this short public service announcement with CollegeHumor to remind you. Oh, and also to tell you to buy his new book. Put down the phone, Will Hines, and watch this PSA. Roll it!...

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Chubby Skinny Kids: These are not your father’s Ghostbusters

Somebody let the sketch group Chubby Skinny Kids get their hands on some Ghostbusters equipment…uh oh! In this bit for Funny or Die, they imagine what would happen if the Ghostbusters were a little too into their jobs. Roll it!   Featuring: Thomas Middleditch, Eliza Skinner and Baron Vaughn. The Chubby Skinny Kids are Dan Gregor, Doug Mand & Adam...

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SNL #36.6 RECAP: Host Scarlett Johansson, musical guest Arcade Fire

Why does this season of Saturday Night Live feel like it's just missing a certain something? Or is it a certain someone? Cannot put my finger on it. Each week this fall, critics have pointed fingers at the show, claiming it lifted a sketch premise from this place or that place, or that it had too much Kristen Wiig, or not enough Kristen Wiig. You're not using the new kids! You're not using the new kids properly! Lonely Island's out. No, wait, they're still in! Up is down. Down is up. The funny sketches come later in the show after you've already tuned out. Tonight's episode spelled out everything that's not quite special about this season before the opening credits. RECAP!   We opened cold with a CSPAN feed of President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao meeting at the G20 Conference. Fred Armisen, still, inexplicably, is playing Obama. Bill Hader is, for lack of an Asian cast member, playing Chinese. Nasim Pedrad (who is Iranian-American, points for that?) is translating. Their premise: The one thing Obama didn't talk with China about was the fact that the U.S. owes China $800 billion. If it all feels a little been there, done that, it's because they have been there and done that. And these long, ponderous political cold opens are no longer SNL's forte. Especially when they're lacking Will Forte, who...

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