Day: November 14, 2010

The week in “Late Night,” which really was the week in “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

We all heard and saw a lot of press about late-night TV in the past week, but would you believe that the person who got the most beneficial coverage in the past seven days was the guy you'd least suspect? Unless you were considering Carson Daly. And why would you have been? Stop it. Just, stop. With all of the commotion surrounding Conan O'Brien, it was more than interesting that New York magazine chose to make Jimmy Fallon its cover profile last week. The article/profile itself is worth reading, though, as you see how Fallon's version of "Late Night" is unlike anything Conan or David Letterman ever would have imagined, mostly because Fallon could never be another Conan or Letterman. He could only be Fallon. So why not play to his strengths? And that includes the Internet generation. Mashable talked to Fallon quite a bit about how he has embraced the Web and everything that comes with it. Most stories about how Fallon has redefined late-night TV for himself focus on those moments that become viral videos, because he and his staff have figured out how to cut the show up into easily digestible bits, such that an individual segment can break out from the hour itself. This week featured moments like that. In many of these moments, it's Fallon reacting to or collaborating with someone else on something...

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Richard Belzer’s Two-Minute Talk Show? Not so fast!

With all of this hubbub about shorter and shorter talk shows, here comes Richard Belzer with "Webisode 1" of what he's calling the "Two-Minute Talk Show." Two minutes? Wasn't three short enough for Barry Sobel and Conan O'Brien, and isn't Jon Friedman working to reclaim his "record"? Yes, yes and yes. But this isn't just yet the reverse insanity that was the Dave Chappelle vs. Dane Cook rivalry over the longest stand-up show at The Laugh Factory. For one thing, the Belz has highly edited his first webisode, which has a house band and guest Martin Short. Short clearly went long and had to be cut for time. This is neither live nor live to tape. For another thing, please don't keep feeding this meme. Thank you. Roll the clip....

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Nate Bargatze, Saleem tie for win in busy finale night for comedy for the 2010 Boston Comedy Festival

2010's Boston Comedy Festival had plenty of competition to attract audience members to its competition finale last night at the Wilbur Theatre, from Denis Leary's Comics Come Home XVI, which packed upward of 6,000 in Agganis Arena to see Jim Norton, Pete Correale, Thomas Dale, Lenny Clarke, Joe Yannetty, Adam Ferrara, Jimmy Dunn and Steven Wright — to the Wilbur's next-door neighbors at the Wang Theatre, where Jim Gaffigan (who also made a cameo at Comics Come Home), was holding court to 3,600 fans. Todd Barry, meanwhile, was headlining at the Hard Rock Cafe, Darryl Lenox was playing Cheers Comedy Club, and the Comedy Studio and Mottley's featured their own motley crews of stand-ups on the rise. With all of that competition, the BCF persevered with a strong finals lineup that produced its first-ever tie, bookended by performances from Lenox, Joe Wong (who received a Boston Comedian of the Year Award) and Robert Klein (who received the fest's Lifetime Achievement Award). Klein noted that his first Broadway production, "The Apple Tree," previewed in Boston's theater district before hitting Broadway in 1966, and he joked about how Mike Nichols got to stay in the Ritz, while Klein was stuck in a seedy hotel called the Avery in Boston's "combat zone." Wong, meanwhile, served as a living role model for all of the comedians in the contest who didn't win, because he has...

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