Day: November 12, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting Mel Gibson: The Webseries

If you think it's tough being a comedian, then try being an agent for a comic actor who only seems to cause trouble. You know, like Charlie Sheen? Well he's nothing compared to being Mel Gibson's agent, as Livia Scott imagines herself in that situation, playing the role of agent Jessica Warner in this online mockumentary, "Adventures in Babysitting Mel Gibson." Episode 1 is online for your viewing pleasure. Roll it!...

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[Sponsored Post] Connected Comedy’s Tips of the Week

Connected Comedy is an advertiser on The Comic's Comic that provides help for comedians and other comedy creators to get more exposure for themselves and their work. You can check out its ad on the sidebar, with a form to subscribe to its newsletter. Here are Connected Comedy's tips of the week: 5 Reasons You Haven't Made It In Hollywood Yet Get 5 Free Tips For How To Promote Your Own Projects4 Observations About This Week's Most Viewed Comedy Videos On YouTube 6 Lessons You Can Learn From The Success Of Jackass How A 15-Year-Old Got 66 Million Views And A 50 Cent...

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In a plot out of “Mad Men,” MacDonald-Murray becomes simply MacDonald as Murray joins Brillstein

The comedy management team of MacDonald-Murray experienced its own Mad Men plotline this summer, and it didn't involve booze. Not exactly. While the fictional Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce was facing a crisis over the loss of its biggest client, Lucky Strike, the very real MacDonald-Murray saw its biggest client, the glass-of-Scotch-holding Ron White, break from the firm this summer to join Michael Blakey and launch Yellow River Management. Without White's bookings and sales, the M-M team ultimately didn't hold. Alex Murray joined Brillstein Entertainment Partners earlier this month, and brought his bigger clients with him, including Jim Gaffigan, Chris Hardwick, Todd Glass and The Dan Band. John MacDonald, who had produced and/or executive produced Ron White's CDs and DVDs, is now running MacDonald Entertainment, with a client list that includes Roy Wood Jr., Chad Daniels, Drew Hastings, Josh Sneed, April Macie and Pat Dixon. MacDonald-Murray had formed in 2005 when both partners left Parallel Management...

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The curious case of the comedian with 878,000 followers but no gigs: Meet Brandon Mendelson

You'd like to think that you can just harness the power of the Internet and become a success story, and that's certainly the case for most comedians today. You know, the ol' short-hand of Dane Cook getting 2 million MySpace friends and turning that into millions of dollars, movies and more. But what if that's not true? Meet young comedian Brandon Mendelson. This guy has upward of 878,000 Twitter followers at @bjmendelson. And you probably have never ever heard of him. You certainly haven't seen him perform stand-up at a comedy club or TV show near you. Because he doesn't tour. Not at all. Not as a comedian. Wait. What? What is going on here? He emailed me claiming to be "a comedian without a stage" in Glens Falls, NY. And he also claims to be writing a book called "Social Media is Bullshit." Well, is it? I asked Mendelson to explain himself. He did so. Sort of. First things first. What are you doing up in Glens Falls? Truthfully? I want to be ‚ÄúHacksaw‚Äù Jim Duggan‚Äôs hetero lifemate. He‚Äôs allegedly from Glens Falls. I‚Äôm also here because of my wife. Her family is from South Glens Falls, and being close to them is important to her. Where my family lives in Monroe, New York? The place is overrun with honkys. Honkys as far as the eye can see.  You...

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