Day: November 10, 2010

Good Gravy! Have Mercy! Thanksgiving comes early tonight for The Apple Sisters in Los Angeles showcase

The calendar may say Nov. 10, 2010, but it's already Thanksgiving for The Apple Sisters, your favorite female trio that's forever retro. Remember when they got a little corny over corn? Now The Apple Sisters have set their sights on gravy with this new fake ad, just in time for their early Thanksgiving special show tonight at Largo in Los Angeles. It's called Thanks for Stuffing! And $7 of every ticket benefits Mercy Corps to feed the hungry. The show, set in 1943, features appearances by Paul F. Tompkins as FDR, plus Natasha Leggero, Sean Gunn and other surprise celebrity guests. Sponsored, of course, by Drippins, the "champagne of gravy." Roll the clip!...

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This is what Conan’s wild owl T-shirt looks like in the wild. Thanks, Team Coco!

Were you one of the 10,000 people lucky enough to be reading Team Coco's page and Twitter feed and have fast fingers to type in the code for a free T-shirt? I succeeded on one day. The day featuring an orange shirt with Conan posing with an owl and the tagline, "Wild. Nocturnal." It arrived in the mail today! I don't have plans to sell mine, but I saw that at least three of the other 1,000 owners of this Conan owl shirt already are auctioning them off on eBay. Top bid so far? $45. You can also find many other Team Coco shirts on eBay....

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Nate Bargatze wins 2010 New York’s Funniest contest

Belated congratulations to Nate Bargatze for winning the 2010 edition of the New York's Funniest Stand-Up competition. The contest finals were held Saturday afternoon at Carolines, but the announcement was only just made official today. Maybe they needed all that time to Photoshop his photo? Regardless, congrats to Nate on his victory, for which he receives $500 and a week of gigs at Carolines. He's also attempting a double-win this week, already advancing to the semi-finals in the annual Boston Comedy Festival contest. If you need to know more about Nate Bargatze, you can read my Meet Me In New York profile of him from last...

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Denis Leary would like you to buy his book of Tweets, for those of you not already following @denisleary

As of today, more than 41,500 people were following Denis Leary on Twitter @denisleary for free. The calculation is that there are many more people who like Leary enough to pay for a book of his Tweets. Because that book is coming out in hardcover this December. "Suck on This Year." No, that's the book title. Here is Leary's video trailer to promote the book. Impressed? Jealous? A third thing? Roll it....

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Interview: Jim Breuer clears the air with his memoir, “I’m Not High,” talks about his career, Sirius and SNL

Jim Breuer was between gigs in Iowa this fall when I spoke to him over the phone. Breuer has spent the past couple of years hitting the reset button on his career, returning to the road for stand-up gigs in comedy clubs across America, after having cleared the air on everything that had come before — from "Goat Boy" to Half-Baked — in both a 2009 CD/DVD called "Let's Clear the Air," and a new memoir, "I'm Not High." "I've never seen so much corn in my lifetime," Breuer tells me. You mean to say you haven't played Iowa before? I find that hard to believe. "I guess during my hazy days, I played Iowa State, but that doesn't count. You fly in, do a stadium, fly out. This is, I'm here. I've been driving around, and yeah, a lot of corn." Though his book comes off as corny itself at points — at multiple instances, he writes about coincidences and faith — his stand-up remains cartoonish, and I mean that in a good way. Look at him in footage he shot at one of those Iowa gigs in September at the Des Moines Funny Bone, talking about his desire to be Batman for Halloween. The voices, the facial expressions, the bursts of energy. He can go from calm and collected to maniacally animated in a second. Roll a...

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