Day: November 8, 2010

Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich on creating Earwolf and what it means for the future of comedy podcasting

Most comedy fans in Los Angeles, and hardcore comedy fans in other places, know who Scott Aukerman is, if not for his past work as a writer on Mr. Show, then definitely for his current activities producing the weekly Comedy Death-Ray show at the UCB Theatre, as well as a weekly live radio edition of CDR. He's also a main brainiac behind the delightful Between Two Ferns series with Zach Galifianakis. But it's on the Internet's digestible form of radio, podcasting, where Aukerman is looking to make his next mark. Earlier this year, he and Jeff Ullrich launched their own podcast network, Earwolf, based out of their own studios not far from the UCB Theatre in Hollywood. So far, they produce weekly episodes of CDR Radio with Scott Aukerman, plus The Sklar Brothers in Sklarbro Country. CDR Radio made headlines last month when virtually everyone in the media heard frequent guest Galifianakis comment on filming a movie and linked it to the protest over Mel Gibson's proposed cameo in The Hangover 2. I sat down with Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich during my recent visit to Los Angeles to chat about their endeavors with Earwolf. How did Earwolf come about in terms of expanding Comedy Death-Ray Radio to something more? Scott: I met this total weirdo… Let the record show a hand went up. Scott: I met Jeff and he...

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Ricky Gervais on how his comedy offends without being offensive

In an interview and photo shoot with Howard Schatz for the December issue of Vanity Fair, comedian Ricky Gervais described how and why he takes risks. An excerpt: "I don't want a predictable story. If you see something coming, it's not as exciting. So I, I like being made to jump in a horror film. I like someone saying the unexpected. I know how embarrassed I am in a situation and that's all we're doing, really, isn't it? We're trying to evoke an emotion in someone else. We're trying to make a connection. The terrible thing is, I don't know whether I'm trying to do that, or just please me." Roll the full clip! (Posted after the jump in case an ad automatically plays in your browser)...

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Want to play devil’s advocate for a dumb gay joke that might not even be a joke? OK! Magazine

Late last Monday afternoon, I received an email asking me for a quote for the current week's issue of OK! Magazine. They wanted me to weigh in on the so-called "gay joke" that Vince Vaughn tells in the trailer for Ron Howard's upcoming movie, The Dilemma, which CNN's Anderson Cooper railed against and got removed from the trailer, although not entirely from the film. But the magazine's request for a quote came with a catch: They wanted me to defend the joke. On their "Big Debate" pages, taking the counterpoint stance against GLAAD. Oh, and I had about a half-hour to craft my defense. Good grief! Actually, this is the good kind of grief, isn't it? On second thought, I wondered if this is how that writer for Marie Claire found herself in a hot mess over a column about "fatties" who grossed her out on Mike & Molly? Maybe she was just following instructions, too? Well, damned if I was getting myself in a pickle just for the sake of some publicity. So I watched the original trailer for The Dilemma again. It'd appear that the gay joke isn't even a joke at all, as the comedy that's supposedly derived out of the situation comes from Vince Vaughn's character putting his feet in his mouth as he backpedals from his initial comment that "electric cars are gay." There's...

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This is the Conan O’Brien goes to India video you’re required to watch before watching Conan tonight

When Conan O'Brien took over The Tonight Show last year, he opened with video of him making an epic cross-country run from New York City to Universal City. While you're wondering how he'll begin his tenure on TBS tonight, here's a new commercial for American Express that's more of an epic short film, sending Conan to India. It's two minutes, and well worth it. Roll the clip!...

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