Day: November 4, 2010

Hell gigs: Charlie Murphy gets booed at Grambling State’s homecoming show, but how did he respond?

Every comedian has a story about a hell gig, and after last night, Charlie Murphy has a new tale to tell. To say his headlining performance at Wednesday night's homecoming comedy show for Grambling State University did not go well is an understatement, but doesn't need to be stated, because it's on video. The Gramblinite reported that the student body welcomed Murphy to the stage, after two opening acts, with a standing ovation, but after he asked the students to get their Chappelle's Show references out of their system, things did not go well from there. "As he delved into trippy terrain, the audience tripped out on him. Stray boos echoed," they reported. By the time this student took out a camera to record Murphy's performance on video, the crowd was at times deathly quiet, then nervously chattering, and then more boos. Watch what happens next…   Yes, that's right. Charlie Murphy, staring straight into the abyss of a show gone wrong, asked to have his $22,000 check presented to him, tossed it to the floor, and with the finality of a "fuck you," left the stage. Show over. Here's how he followed up with his followers on Twitter: And two hours ago, he added this Tweet @cmurphycomedy: "GSU has the most intelligent Black People in the nation. Can't wait till you run the...

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Reggie Watts talks about surprising audiences on the Conan O’Brien tour, and soon on Conan’s TBS show

My friends at The Laugh Button and The Syndicate threw a special midnight show at CMJ last month with Comedy Central, and asked if I'd like to chat with some of the comedians. I said sure. We set up shop in the basement of Comix, dreamed up the impossibly creative title "The Comic's Comic at Comix," and invited the comedians into our lair. Saving the best for last means it's time for Reggie Watts to join me in the comedy corner! Reggie and go back a ways, but this is the first time someone else has documented us on camera, so this is a thing. Also a thing: In just a few minutes, you'll see and hear him talk to me about growing up creatively, that moment in which audiences figure out what Reggie Watts is all about, his pilot presentation for Comedy Central, and maybe, just maybe, some news about Watts and the new Conan show. He'll be a guest on the second week of Conan O'Brien's TBS run, on Tuesday, Nov. 16. But we hear, and by we, I mean I hear that you'll be seeing Reggie Watts on your basic cable (or satellite, I suppose) TV more regularly. And…action!   Did you enjoy these little sit-downs with stand-ups? We sure did. Tell my buddies at The Laugh Button to make some more. And maybe when we do, we can be promoting...

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MTV’s “Pranked” with Streeter and Amir returns, “Megadrive” with Johnny Pemberton debuts tonight

Following the "reunion" episode of Jersey Shore tonight, MTV is premiering an hourlong block of series featuring comedians in silly situations. First comes the return of Pranked, in which CollegeHumor's Streeter and Amir preside over and deliver commentary on the best homemade pranks they find online. That's followed by the debut of MegaDrive, which puts comedian Johnny Pemberton behind the wheel of outrageous vehicles and lets him loose. That, in itself, I guess is also a prank on the vehicles' owners and makers. Here are a couple of clips. First from the season three premiere of Pranked:   And here's a look at Johnny Pemberton on MegaDrive. So, this looks nuts. Pemberton looks nuts. Look at these nuts! Thursday, Thursday, Thursday:...

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Tina Fey explains her Sarah Palin impersonation for David Letterman, yet neither can explain Palin herself

One more time, for old times' sake. If old times are 2008, this week, or the next two years of nonstop election coverage that undoubtedly will give way too much media attention to reality TV star Sarah Palin. So last night on Late Show with David Letterman, guest Tina Fey tried to remember how she pulled her Palin impersonation together for SNL. Neither Fey nor Letterman, however, has a valid explanation for why Palin continues to be a thing. Roll the clip!...

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Preview Doug Benson’s “The Benson Interruption,” from its debut on Comedy Central, Friday at midnight

Doug Benson's The Benson Interruption has been entertaining live audiences for years in Los Angeles and New York City, and when Friday turns into Saturday at midnight, he'll be entertaining audiences everywhere else as he brings the concept to Comedy Central. Benson explains the premise right at the top of the premiere episode. Watch him do so, as well as talk with Nick Swardson about power orgies. Roll it!   It's thoroughly engaging, as Benson clearly has a quick wit and a comfortable rapport with all of the comedians he welcomes onstage. If anything, it all goes by too quickly, leaving you wanting more. And in a bit of meta, each of his exchanges with a comedian is itself interrupted by a commercial break. The debut features Swardson, plus Nick Kroll and Chris Hardwick. Adam Carolla, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Thomas Lennon, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Eugene Mirman all are set to appear in the initial six-episode run. See when The Benson Interruption is playing on Comedy Central's schedule. The Benson Interruption is executive produced by Doug Benson, Generate's Dave Rath and Michael Petok and Omnipop Talent Group's Bruce...

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