Day: November 1, 2010

Conan’s “Show Zero” claims shortest talk-show, taking record away from current “Late Night” employee?

Minutes ago, Conan O'Brien unveiled a sneak peek at his new TBS late-nighter, Conan, with something he called "Show Zero." When fans tuned in online, however, O'Brien surprised viewers by announcing that he'd be attempting to adapt to Internet viewing habits by hosting the shortest talk-show ever. With Andy Richter, a member of his band and a small audience gathered inside a conference room at Conaco Productions offices on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, O'Brien welcomed The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons and New Jersey band Steel Train as his guests. And within a few minutes, it was all over and credits rolled. Was it the shortest late-night talk-show ever, though? In a Late Night coincidence, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon blogger Jon Friedman set the record — according to the URDB (Universal Record Database), which presided over Friedman's 3-minute, 41.45-second show on May 25, 2010, at Joe's Pub in New York City. Friedman welcomed announcer Mamrie Hart, house band The Defibulators, desk guest Joe Randazzo of The Onion and stand-up comedian Matt McCarthy. Watch them both. Here was Friedman's show:   And here was Conan's "Show Zero." Richter's announcement starts one minute in, and credits roll at the 3:53 mark, which would make Conan's effort about 48 seconds quicker.   Asked to comment, Jon Friedman said this to The Comic's Comic: "It looks like I still have the record.  Although I wish I had...

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Whitney Cummings to host MTV’s New Year’s Eve? With the Jersey Shore? We’re not being “Punk’d”

It may be only Nov. 1, Whitney Cummings leaked news earlier today about where she'll be ringing in 2011, and it'll bring her back to her first big employer: MTV. Cummings says she'll be hosting MTV's New Year's Eve Bash from Times Square, alongside the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore. When she mentioned it on Twitter, she joked: "Plan accordingly while I get an IUD." Cummings confirmed the news to me this afternoon, as well as the fact that "Punk'd was my first gig." But this news is unrelated. One other thing she said you can count on from her when she returns to MTV in a much higher-profile gig? "And yes, there will be a roast of the Jersey Shore!"...

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Watch me talk to Hannibal Buress at CMJ in my new limited-edition series with The Laugh Button!

My friends at The Laugh Button and The Syndicate threw a special midnight show at CMJ last month with Comedy Central, and asked if I'd like to chat with some of the comedians. I said sure. We set up shop in the basement of Comix, dreamed up the impossibly creative title "The Comic's Comic at Comix," and invited the comedians into our lair. First up, both when it happened and when you're seeing it, is my sit-down with Hannibal Buress, a great young stand-up comedian who wrote for SNL during the 2009-2010 season, and this summer joined the writing staff of 30 Rock. I'm not the only one saying great things about Buress, who showed up in episodes of Louis CK's Louie and also got Chris Rock to not only stop by his Sunday night showcase at The Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, but also talked up Hannibal and his show to Howard Stern. And yet, Hannibal Buress remains relatively humble and modest. Let's hear what else he had to tell me!   Want to see more interviews like these? You're in luck! We'll be rolling out new videos the rest of the week. I can tell you with the utmost confidence that my comedian chats will get more and more outlandish, too. Oooh. So look forward to that. And if you want to see Hannibal Buress live, he's got...

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Are you one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch for 2010? Meet the lucky few at Carolines for the NYCF

This summer, Comedy Central announced it would put on its own "Comics to Watch" showcase of up-and-comers at the New York Comedy Festival in November. Well, that time is now. Or rather, Wednesday evening. Comedy Central's inaugural "Comics to Watch" showcase of new talents will be hosted by Christian Finnegan, with the spotlight put on the following stand-up comedians: Adam Newman Lamont Price Harrison Greenbaum Sara Schaefer Ben Kronberg Ali Wong Josh Fadem with special guest James Smith The intent of "Comics to Watch" is for Comedy Central to show support for comedians who have not yet appeared prominently on the network, and showcase them to the rest of the industry. Many of them already have been featured in one way or another here on The Comic's Comic.  Comics to Watch takes place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010, at Carolines on Broadway as part of the New York Comedy Festival....

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SNL #36.5 RECAP: Host Jon Hamm, musical guest Rihanna

Face it. When you heard Jon Hamm was hosting with Rihanna on Oct. 30, 2010, you figured this was a slam-dunk of a Saturday Night Live. Set the DVR, because even if you did happen to be in front of a television on Saturday night, you'd want to relive the memories. Hamm hit homers the first two times he hosted. How could the third time not be just as charming? And yet. Not his fault. But something wasn't quite right at times in the fifth episode of the thirty-sixth season. Maybe I'm holding Hamm's episodes up to too high of a standard too soon. Let us not belabor the points. Let us recap and renumerate them.   In the cold open, Jason Sudeikis, as VP Joe Biden, made two points. 1) "When things can't get any worse, it's Biden time!" 2) "Don't be whiners, think about the miners." Which is to say, just because the Democrats cannot write their way out of this with a joke, it could be much, much worse. And Jon Hamm is hosting!   In the monologue, Jon Hamm mentions this is the second Halloween episode he has hosted. He also says he is becoming like Don Draper in thinking of ad campaigns, so let's watch him do that off the cuff with suggestions from audience members played by SNL cast members Bill Hader, Nasim...

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