Day: October 29, 2010

From his “Due Date” trailer, Zach Galifianakis interviews Brody Stevens about his comedy career

A year ago, I had the privilege of visiting the set of the upcoming movie, Due Date, starring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. I watched as director Todd Phillips shot the "meet-cute" scene early in the film — with the airport in Ontario, Calif., subbing for the airport in Atlanta — as Zach and RDJ get into a fender-bender outside the terminal. They're both passengers, and their drivers are played by comedians Bobby Tisdale and Brody Stevens. After the scene played out over several takes to allow Zach and RDJ to improvise some introductory zingers toward one another, they took a break for lunch. Inside Zach's trailer, he kindly offered to interview Brody on my behalf. Brody talks about how he started in comedy, as well as his secrets to warming up a studio audience at a TV taping. This is the full uncut footage I shot of that. Roll it!...

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Bo Burnham lists “my favorite comedians,” and releases a confessional video: “Art is Dead”

Some of you may wonder how a 20-year-old stand-up comedian who plays the piano can generate so much coverage. Perhaps it's because he is truly the next-generation comedian. Perhaps Bo Burnham is so plugged into comedy as a so-called "Milennial" that he is paving the way for all of the young comedians to come. Burnham certainly is a devoted fan of comedy himself. And I don't just say that because he's a loyal reader of The Comic's Comic. I say it also because he's willing to write and record a song such as "Art is Dead," which you can see/hear on his new CD/DVD. The kid already seems to have it figured out. Sort of. Some lyrics NSFW. Roll it!   Also, he's willing to acknowledge that many of his fans are young peers who haven't experienced much live comedy before, so he'd like to do his part to steer them to other comedians. This is what Bo Burnham wrote to his fans yesterday: hey everybody! i just started my tour. after my shows, i stick around and meet whoever wants to stick around and meet me – and in doing so, i've noticed something. a lot of the younger people who have come out to my show told me that my show was the first live comedy show they've been to. and while this fact is very flattering...

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Watch as Will Ferrell tries to fill in for Celine Dion on her Vegas show (as seen on Letterman)

Will Ferrell told David Letterman last night that not only was he good friends with Celine Dion, but also that he was planning on filling in for her during maternity leave on her big show in Las Vegas. Not that Ferrell would do his own comedy show in place of Dion. Oh, no. He'd do her songs. Want to see how much he has learned so far? Roll the clip!...

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