Day: October 21, 2010

When the TV newsman thinks he’s the comedian. Who coped better: Zach Galifianakis or Ben Bailey?

As a reporter who also has been a comedian, I know all too well how delicate the line is between clever, stupid and just plain wrong when the reporter interviews a comedian and tries too hard to prove the reporter is funny, too. This morning, Ben Bailey, whom many know and love as the host of Cash Cab, went on WPIX Ch. 11's morning show here in New York City to promote his weekend stint at Carolines. The TV newsman interviewing Bailey forced him to sit behind a fake taxi for the entire interview, and also confessed much too much about his wife's love of the show. Did I mention this was live TV? Roll it. Not this morning, but taped earlier and shown on WFAA in Dallas, a guy who gets to sit down at movie junkets sat down for the junket for It's Kind of a Funny Story with Zach Galifianakis, and then thought he'd give Galifianakis a bit of his own Between Two Ferns medicine. Whether Galifianakis wanted it or not. Roll it.   Comedians often do press they don't particularly want to do — whether it's TV or morning radio, or junkets — precisely for reasons like these two guys. I've had great and not-so great experiences on live radio and TV appearances myself. I usually try to be in the moment and roll with...

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Behind the scenes with the comedians from Last Comic Standing 7 on their tour stop in NYC

The Last Comic Standing 7 tour rolled through a rainy New York City last week, and the fellas were kind enough to invite me over to hang out with them backstage at the Best Buy Theater (formerly Nokia) in Times Square. For Jonathan Thymius, it was his first chance to join the tour, as he was subbing for Myq Kaplan, who had a NACA gig previously scheduled for that night. For the other finalists from this season on NBC, the tour already has sent them around America for several weekends. Sometimes by plane. Sometimes by bus. It's an interesting time for Mike DeStefano, Roy Wood Jr., Tommy Johnagin and Felipe Esparza, as this tour serves as a bridge for their careers. But to where? They won't know for certain until the tour is over. Or if there is another season of Last Comic Standing to replace them in audiences' memories. For now, though, it's time to hit the road. Meet new fans. See the sights. Sell some merch. It's a living. I shot some brief footage, stitched it together, and presto, click-o, it's a montage. Roll the clip!...

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Bobby Lee will host Live online and at Carolines for 2010 New York Comedy Festival

The New York Comedy Festival is growing outside of New York City a little more this year with the addition of live online shows, through the partnership between Carolines on Broadway and Comedy Central's Announced today: The Live show, which Bobby Lee will host with Kurt Metzger, Morgan Murphy, Donnell Rawlings, Joe Mande and others, to be broadcast live from Carolines to your Internet on Nov. 3. See it live in person: Tickets are available for purchase. See it live online: Coverage will begin at 9:30 p.m. Eastern with backstage and green-room looks, with the show starting onstage at 10 p.m., and comedians communicating with fans online via Twitter and Facebook when they're not onstage. See it later: The Live show will be sold afterward on iTunes. ‚ÄúWe are excited to be able to bring the first live streaming event from a club that has seen a lot of firsts!‚Äù said Caroline Hirsch, the fest's founder and namesake owner of Carolines. "We wanted to be able to include fans who are not able to make it to New York City for the shows and is a great partner to make this happen.‚Äù...

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Village Voice honors Kristen Schaal, Murderfist in its 2010 Best of NYC issue

As you may have gathered from the headline, Village Voice's 2010 "Best of NYC" issue is out this week, and managed to have room for two comedy categories this year. Is that good news? It is if you're Kristen Schaal, whom the VV named Best Comedian. You can see Schaal perform Monday nights with comedy partner Kurt Braunohler in the revival of their Hot Tub variety show at Littlefield in Brooklyn, many Wednesdays with The PIT's house team Big Black Car, sometimes on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a correspondent, and in a variety of other TV and movie projects. It also is if you're Murderfist, the outrageous collection of individuals named by VV as Best Sketch Comedy Group. You can see them get raunchy for laughs monthly at The PIT, and sometimes elsewhere around the city. Congrats to both of them. To the rest of you, you're still the best in my eyes. Except for those of you who aren't. You know who you...

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Things you may or may not see on Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars” benefit show tonight

I don't know if you can ever have too many stars on a benefit show, but Comedy Central certainly tries every two years on behalf of autism research with its Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education, which airs again tonight. Much of the event taped earlier this month in NYC, although when it airs this evening, host Jon Stewart and a slew of celebrities will appear live in LA to answer the phones when you call in to make a donation. Viewers also will be able to vote, via texting, on celebrity stunts during the live portion of the broadcast. Comedians appearing and manning the phone bank include Jason Alexander, Mike Birbiglia, Julie Bowen, Drew Carey, Cedric the Entertainer, George Clooney, Bryan Cranston, Larry David, Will Forte, Jeff Garlin, Lauren Graham, Tom Hanks, John Hodgman, Rob Huebel, Penn Jillette, Chris Kattan, Jimmy Kimmel, B.J. Novak, Conan O‚ÄôBrien, Jim Parsons, Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph, Paul Scheer, Adam Scott, Bill Simmons, David Spade, Eric Stonestreet, Betty White, Larry Wilmore and Weird Al Yankovic. As for the show itself, I saw it, so I can tell you what you may see, unless they decide to edit it out. You may or may not see Tina Fey joke about wanting to say hi to her family, then realizing the show is airing on Thursday night, when 30 Rock is...

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