Day: October 20, 2010

By popular demand, video of Bill Murray in his Ghostbusters uniform at Spike’s Scream 2010

You've seen the picture, now see the video. Last night on Spike's Scream 2010 awards show, Bill Murray decided to show up in his Ghostbusters uniform to accept an award from a smiling Sarah Silverman. Murray won "best cameo" for his brief turn in Zombieland. The possibility of Murray and the ghost-busting gang getting back together in any sort of capacity for a Ghostbusters 3 remains long-rumored and in any potential phase of development with old and/or new cast members, depending upon whom you talk to, when and what mood they're in when the reporter talked to them. But for now, this is enough. As an extra bonus, as if watching the look on Silverman's face isn't enough, Murray devoted much of his speech to paying tribute to his comedian friends and comic actors who have died. Roll it!...

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Five years and counting: The Upright Citizens Brigade holds down its Hollywood fortress of funny

The Upright Citizens Brigade recently celebrated its fifth anniversary of going Hollywood with a big night of comedy at its Los Angeles theater in September. Three of the UCB founders have moved from NYC to LA, and over the years, many popular Harold and Maude players and groups have followed suit. LA Weekly caught up with Messrs. Besser, Roberts and Walsh for an interview, and here's how they explained their motives upon making the big move West: Matt Besser: The Tamarind Theatre here on Franklin happen to open up and it was during the same time that many of the performers from UCB New York were moving out here, so it was good timing that way. We started with more of a focus on improv in New York. In L.A. there was already improv, so we wanted it to start off with more of a balance between sketch and stand-up for the L.A. branch. That's one of the main differences between the two theaters. Immediately, we had Comedy Death Ray, which in my opinion, is the best stand-up show in town. We also have many shows that combine performers whether it be a game show or a story-type of show. That was always the aim of this theater. Ian Roberts: Another goal is to have a place that we wish existed when we first started. A place that is...

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Ben Stiller’s Zoolander will get a sequel, but there’s a catch or three: It’ll be animated, online, shorts

Ben Stiller and Paramount announced a deal today that'll bring back Stiller's Zoolander character, last seen on the big screen in 2001. A Zoolander sequel has been in the works and/or rumored for the past few years, but this isn't going to be that. Rather, Stiller will voice the male model again in an animated Web series. By going to short films, it's a return to the origin of the character, created as a spoof for VH1's Fashion Awards in 1996 and 1997. Stiller told The New York Times' Dave Itzkoff that doing shorts allows them to get the project back in the public eye quicker and easier than fighting over big budgets with the studio for months. Stiller hoped to have the film's other cast members (Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, among them) also provide voices for the toon. ‚ÄúYou don‚Äôt want to have the guy who did the Hanna-Barbera cartoons come and do the voices,‚Äù Stiller said. ‚ÄúNo offense to the Hanna-Barbera cartoons ‚Äì I‚Äôm a huge Scooby-Doo fan.‚Äù In a second deal with Paramount Digital, Stiller also will be heading up a separate live-action Web series called ‚ÄúBilly Glimmer,‚Äù in which he stars as a Las Vegas impersonator. Human Giant's writer/director Jason Woliner will direct those shorts, with fellow Human Giant vet Rob Huebel co-starring....

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Review: A few words about “Words, Words, Words,” on CD or DVD from Bo Burnham

If you want to know what bowled over the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, then you can see and/or listen for yourself as Bo Burnham's Words, Words, Words is out now in separate CD and DVD formats. I was at Burnham's CD recording in June at Carolines on Broadway. Burnham may look like a lanky 20-year-old, but his comedy stature continues to grow as he strives to prove that he's more than just a kid who posted YouTube videos from his bedroom. On Words, Words, Words, already his second disc for Comedy Central Records, Burnham steps away from the keyboard to showcase his lyrical flair for wordplay accompanied by a guitar, in haikus, statistics, traditional stand-up, meta parodies of stand-up, and even a famous Shakespearean soliloquy. His CD cover puts his words all over his face. On the DVD, Burnham ups the ante by having his entire act printed out on giant boards behind him onstage. It's a sophomore effort that, coming from a kid who coulda woulda shoulda be a sophomore at NYU, is already deserving of high honors. Buy it: Here's the new music video for the studio version of his track, "OH BO."...

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Rob Delaney: Still very funny after 140 characters, telling it like it is in Vice magazine

It's no secret that I'm a fan of comedian Rob Delaney on Twitter. I've said so on Twitter. But get to know @RobDelaney past the 140-character limit, and you'll find that he's not exactly the profane absurdist he is there, but in fact, so much more. He's profoundly real. Here's what Delaney had to say in writing a piece about comedy and comedians for Vice Magazine's "comedy" issue (as referenced in earlier posts today): When a magazine does a ‚Äúcomedy issue‚Äù it‚Äôs usually just a few pages of pictures of famous comedians (or more likely comic actors, who aren‚Äôt really ‚Äúcomedians‚Äù at all) wearing expensive clothes in a silly photo shoot that, despite its purported aims, winds up being the opposite of funny. I‚Äôd like to offer a tiny antidote to those offensive shit rags. Delaney then goes on to get real. He talks about drugs and alcohol, depression and suicide, pills and therapy, and what it all means, not just for all comedians, but for him. And it's all worth reading. Read it! Rob Delaney on "Comedy" in Vice. In addition to the lengthy interviews with Buck Henry and Robert Smigel, there's a more playful Q&A with Chelsea Peretti, Paul Rust's letter to Prince, a book review for sale, and a screenplay course to follow from Bob Odenkirk, behind-the-scenes with Johnny Knoxville, and a lengthy piece on the North Carolina comedy...

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