Day: October 18, 2010

Sending comedians to Senegal to fight malaria: Good idea? Malaria No More makes its case

When I saw a video early this morning depicting Bobby Bottleservice in Africa, I thought, that couldn't be right. Perhaps my weekend cold/flu/bug had prompted this hallucination. But no. Nick Kroll wasn't the only comedian to make the trip to Senegal. Ed Helms, Natasha Leggero, Riki Lindhome and others did so, and it's all part of a project called Malaria No More. Say that three times fast, why don't you. Or let these comedians and actors tell you. So why, exactly? According to the site: "Comedy Fights Malaria shows that the disease is no laughing matter‚Äîevery 45 seconds, a child in Africa dies from malaria‚Äîbut humor can keep malaria in the spotlight and in the conversation. The result is always amusing, often absurd and sometimes downright bizarre messages from a broad range of stars. Our goal is to engage people in a new way of talking about malaria and see how each person can contribute their own unique skills to keep malaria at the forefront of the conversation." They're going to spread the message also through their Malaria No More Facebook page. Here, meanwhile, is a clip of Ed Helms explaining the project to Jay Leno, as well a clip of his clip for the project.   And here is Nick Kroll as Bobby Bottleservice in Senegal, doling out advice, guidance and profanities. Roll it!...

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New York’s Funniest Stand-Up Competition announces 2010 list of entrants. Who made the first cut?

Want to know who's in the running to be named New York's Funniest Stand-Up in 2010? It's a lot simpler to find out this year, as Carolines did away with the stand-by line and asked comedians to file online applications in advance. After reviewing more than 150 entrants, they've narrowed the list down to these 53, who will audition this Wednesday, Oct. 20. Mike LawrenceMike RecineAdam CozensKate HendricksNore DavisLeah BonnemaCharlie GaetaMatt LittleNick CobbLiz MieleLance WeissAnton SchufordSean CrespoAdam NewmanSam GrittnerJosh GuarinoMartin MontanaSara SchaeferPhoebe RobinsonSam MorrilJoe ListJosh RabinowitzKyle FinchamAsh LouisJenn PalumboFrank CampanellaJoe MachiMark NormandJena FriedmanAndy FioriRichie ReddingRay MarshallJC CoccoliAshley RobertsHarrison GreenbaumJames HarrisCorey ReppondAnthony CiminoMolly ReisnerJason SaenzDanny SolomonTommy BrennanMatt RubyJason KanterDaniel HirshonAdam MamawalaJustin SilverStephanie HolmesDan SoderErin LennoxJason GoodGonzalo CordovaAdrienne Iapalucci  Only about 30 will make it to live semifinal rounds on Oct. 27 at Carolines, with a winner determined in the finals on Nov. 2, also at Carolines. Past winners include Myq Kaplan, Julian McCullough and Wil Sylvince. Good luck,...

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Bo Burnham teaches you all the piano skills you’ll ever need to get laid (if you’re a man seeking women)

In the follow-up to their hugely popular series, "Learning Guitar to Get You Laid," CollegeHumor has turned to young musical comedian Bo Burnham to teach you similar skills on the piano. Burnham's CD and DVD, "Words Words Words," comes out tomorrow. A review is forthcoming. Until then, watch this. It's safe for work. Not safe for ladies....

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State Senate candidate Michael Sharp brings us one step closer to living in Idiocracy (Thanks, UCB!)

In this election year, it seems even more so than in past years that a major party has nominated and is running candidates for the U.S. Senate and Governor that, well, don't seem to be qualified to hold any office, let alone work in one. If you've seen Mike Judge's film, Idiocracy, then you know where we may be heading. If you haven't, then queue it up and watch it. But first, watch this short clip from the UCB and Babelgum that features a fictional candidate for the State Senate who remains gleefully ignorant. This is the first installment of a new collaboration between the UCB and Babelgum. Roll it!...

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