Day: October 14, 2010

45 Bleecker, home to off-Broadway comedies, shutters in landlord-tenant dispute

A landlord-tenant dispute has shuttered 45 Bleecker, the off-Broadway theater that has played host to several successful comedy runs, including Colin Quinn's "Long Story Short," which just left the space to head uptown to Broadway this fall. The theater's online home has posted a note, which reads: "Theatre is temporarily closed. Like many New Yorkers, we are in dispute with our Landlord. Due to litigation we have no comment at this time. Further information will be posted as it becomes available." Other comedians who found a home at 45 Bleecker in the past few years have included Mike Birbiglia's "Sleepwalk with Me," Marc Maron's "Scorching the Earth," Lizz Winstead's "Shoot the Messenger," and the taping of "The Awkward Comedy Show" special. 45 Bleecker's shuttering forced an abrupt end to current production "The Deep Throat Sex Scandal." (via The L...

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Paul Scheer will talk to you on Yowie, but you no longer have to ask him when Human Giant is reuniting

Paul Scheer is the latest to take the Yowie plunge, plugging in his headphones this evening to chat with you and answer your questions online and on camera. Go to Paul Scheer's Yowie page to sign in at the appropriate time and date. One thing you don't have to ask Scheer: When is Human Giant getting back together? Answered! Scheer, Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel, along with Jason Woliner, will all be in one place at one time to talk about and screen Human Giant footage on Nov. 14 at The Cinefamily in Los Angeles. Next...

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The kid who came up with Funny or Die is now a frat guy at USC, as he explains himself to Kevin Nealon

If you'd like to get to know the kid who convinced his dad to throw a pile of money at Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, and call it Funny or Die, well then, this is your chance. Michael Kvamme is an aspiring stand-up comedian himself. That's why he got his dad, Mark Kvamme at Sequoia Capital to fund Funny or Die more than three years ago. Nowadays, the younger Kvamme is hosting the monthly "Fresh Faces" showcase at The Laugh Factory, and in this clip, explains how he decided to join a fraternity at USC. Kevin Nealon has a couple of follow-up questions. Roll the clip....

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“Strange Days with Bob Saget” will debut Dec. 1 on A&E

A&E announced it'd kick off the new reality series, Strange Days with Bob Saget, in back-to-back episodes on Dec. 1, 2010. In six 30-minute episodes, Saget will make stops around the United States to investigate unusual cultures. This is not to be confused with the upcoming History Channel series sending Larry the Cable Guy around the country. Or even Bert Kreischer's Travel Channel series from earlier this year, Bert the Conquerer. There have been a few of these shows recently, haven't there. But no, Saget's will be different. For one thing, the outfits. For another, Saget will be getting it done his own damn way. Among the adventures he took on for the show, Saget will ride with hardcore bikers for 1,200 miles, search for Bigfoot with Bigfoot hunters, learn what it takes to become a professional wrestler, look for the reality inside Las Vegas, rush a fraternity at Cornell, and train to become a counselor at a sleepover camp. "I've always been interested in the under belly of anything," said Saget, "but what I truly enjoy is diving beneath the surface of a subculture that may appear to be one thing, but ends up being something completely unexpected."...

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In other news, videos…

Before my emailbox gets way out of hand, here's some more links, notes and video clips to pass along: Did you know about the British Invasion? No, not the War of 1812. No, not the rock music of the 1960s. We're talking about the British comedians. There's the British Comedy Invasion. What's that? Old guys improvising tonight and tomorrow at NYC's Webster Hall. You like? You like better if you know one of those guys improvised a long long time ago with Mike Myers, which means Myers might drop on by? The Apiary says maybe! The UCB Theatre in NYC also is experiencing a UK Invasion of sorts. Simon Amstell performs tonight, Francesca Martinez performs tomorrow, and Tom Allen invades on Monday. Great interview with Kay Cannon about writing for 30 Rock, which airs a live episode tonight! Timely! Thanks to Rachael Mason and Splitsider for this. Rolling Stone magazine has named Reggie Watts its Hot Comedian for 2010. Stay hot, Reggie! If you want to know why New York City's up-and-coming comedians love The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, then listen to The Comedy Nerds as they interview the joint's owner, Rebecca Trent! Babelgum wonders who The Office will get to replace Michael Scott as the boss, and they have a few suggestions. MySpace sent comedian Ben Gleib to the Stony Awards. Yes, all three of...

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