Day: October 12, 2010

Vanity Fair’s “Zach Galifianakis Swimsuit Calendar” is missing 11 months, and then some

I feel cheated and used after clicking on the multiple pages for Vanity Fair's slideshow this afternoon that accompanied the headline "The Zach Galifianakis Swimsuit Calendar." For one thing: Galifianakis looks dashing in a suit suit on the intro post for Vanity Fair's slideshow. For a second thing: All of the pics in the slideshow are in the same one-piece bathing suit. Where are the other 11 months for this calendar that does not actually exist, so how dare you magazine, how, dare, you? For a third thing: I think we all still like this Comedy Death-Ray calendar pin-up better, depicting Zach Galifianakis in a wedding dress getting hitched to Brody Stevens. CDR FTW. Still...

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Things I learned in real time about “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time” on Comedy Central

Nick Swardson debuts the first of his seven-episode sketch series, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, tonight on Comedy Central. Well, actually, Swardson also showed off the premiere episode over the weekend to a few hundred eager fans at New York Comic-Con. On his birthday. Among the other things learned about Swardson, his show and his life: 1) Swardson had to pay upward of $4,000 in damages, including forfeiting his security deposit, when he recently moved. All because he had thrown his video-game controllers through windows and into walls. 2) Swardson also confessed to once having all three of his gamer account names banned at one time due to his online video-game trash talking. 3) A fan asked Swardson to come out drinking with him afterward, and said that Swardson was one of his two all-time sought-after drinking buddies. The other? George W. Bush. 4) Swardson joked about getting into a fight in a bar one time because he took out his penis and placed it over his wrist, pretending it was his watch, and asking a guy what time it was. (Note: I think a few of us already heard this one!) 5) Jon Glaser, who spoke with Swardson at New York Comic-Con, told the crowd that his first memory of knowing Swardson happened one year at Seattle's Bumbershoot festival, wherein Swardson opened the refrigerator, turned to reveal his penis...

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Chelsea Handler and her writers set to get even more TV time on E! with “After Lately”

Chelsea Handler continues to be the gift who keeps on giving for her writing staff on E!'s Chelsea Lately, as the network has ordered eight episodes of an improvised half-hour called After Lately, to air after Handler's current late-night talker. Variety got the scoop on E! on this one. Handler told the trade paper that the show will be set behind-the-scenes of the actual talk show, starring her writers. Or she said: "A perfect platform for people who have no business being on camera." And yet. There we have it. So, expect to see her staffers Guy Branum, Sarah Colonna, Heather McDonald, Chris Franjola and Brad Wollack spending more time on your E!...

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Judah Friedlander at New York Comic-Con talks about his new book, “How to Beat Up Anybody”

Judah Friedlander is more than just the World Champion and a writer as seen on NBC's 30 Rock. He's also an accomplished author. Friedlander was at New York Comic-Con last weekend to promote his new book, "How to Beat Up Anybody." Here's what he had to tell me from the floor of Comic-Con, in between signing autographs and posing for photos. Roll it! You can look at an excerpt of his book on Maxim, as Judah tells you how to beat up Bigfoot. Buy the...

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Garfunkel and Oates release a second music video for their song “I Don’t Understand Job” (lyrics still NSFW)

OK, so Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci have put together a second music video for their song "I Don't Understand Job," which describes one of the two most popular NSFW jobs. My question to you is, do you like this version better than than the first? Roll the new one!   Now let's see the earlier version, which included a very real Chris Hardwick. Judges, please?...

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