Day: October 7, 2010

Ian Roberts floats Conan O’Brien’s blimp, so to speak. Watch all of the TBS ads

If you watch TBS, and especially if you watch during the baseball playoffs, then you know it's time for them to roll out all of the CONAN promos for Conan O'Brien. The biggest promo this fall is the big orange CONAN blimp that's flying above the ballparks. It's sponsored by AT&T, which means double your ads. But since the ads feature Conan joking around with UCB co-founder Ian Roberts, then, well, we're more than OK with this. Here are the ads we've seen so...

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Listen to Louis CK and Marc Maron talk for two hours about their lives and comedy careers

As if I need to tell you that listening to Louis CK talk about his life, comedy career and friendship with Marc Maron for two hours on Maron's WTF podcast is something worth your time. Do you even enjoy comedy? Do you care about comedy? Then listen! Louis CK and Marc Maron have known each other since they started together in the Boston comedy scene in the 1980s. This pic, Maron says, dates to about 1989. Now listen to Maron and CK. Part One. Part...

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Harry Hamlin tried stand-up at the Hollywood Improv for debut of “Harry Loves Lisa,” but what did he learn?

If you watched the series debut last night of TV Land's Harry Loves Lisa — and why would you have, really? Really. This show is merely the latest in a continuing trend of celebrities letting TV crews into their homes and lives, all in the hopes of rejuvenating their celebrity. Which normally takes hold in something like another reality competition, a celebrity tabloid correspondent gig, or even actual roles in which the actors act. Except in this case, Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna already have cashed in their reality competition cards, both having been there and done that on Dancing with the Stars. So we are left with other plot contrivances in Harry Loves Lisa, and the first one cuts close to the comedy bone, as Harry Hamlin's acting coach and manager sign him up for a Friday-night slot at the Hollywood Improv. Hamlin had never attempted stand-up before. Note to aspiring comedians: You cannot just have someone call up the Improv and get you on the 8:30 p.m. Friday show. But if you were People mag's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1987, you just may be in luck! OK. Here's what else we learned in the episode. 1) Hamlin's wife and supposed managers remind him constantly of his bad acting audition, reinforcing the notion that he "freaks everyone out" with his line readings. This was, for all intents and...

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Are you too hip to be square? Follow Pee-wee Herman as he tours New York City before his Broadway run

As we get closer to the Broadway debut of Pee-wee Herman, Pee-wee is generating interest with his fans and followers via Twitter and now Foursquare, checking in at various places around New York City this week. Here he is at a parking garage near Little Italy and Chinatown. Oooh. He also says he's going to Katz's Deli at noon. Will you be there, too? If you missed it last weekend, Paul Reubens sat down to talk about the origins of Pee-wee as part of the New Yorker Festival. I missed it, so I relied on the official New Yorker recap, as well as the longer take from Whitney Matheson at USA Today's Pop Candy. We've also begun seeing TV ads for the show. One ran during SNL. Here it is to help you get excited. Are you excited yet? Roll...

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