Day: October 3, 2010

Ben Gleib goes “Behind Enemy Lines” at NFL tailgates for Yahoo! Sports

In a new online series produced for Yahoo! Sports, comedian Ben Gleib joins Stephen Hale in going "Behind Enemy Lines" for the next 12 Sundays, dressing up in an NFL rival's attire and seeing how the locals react. Their first episode took them to NYC and New Jersey to see how Giants fans felt about seeing a couple of guys in Eagles jerseys. This is what happened. Roll it. Gleib told me to stay tuned for next week, when we'll see how the polite people of Oakland react to seeing him in Chargers...

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SNL #36.2 RECAP: Host Bryan Cranston, musical guest Kanye West

Somewhere in New York City this afternoon, Seth Meyers and other cast members from Saturday Night Live are explaining themselves (again) as part of the New Yorker Festival. I feel like they've done this before, and not just because they have. They have. Somehow I doubt they'll explain what happened last night. Although that'd be fun to hear them Sunday-afternoon quarterback their show. Almost as much fun as reading whatever I have to say right here, right now? No. Nothing could be that much fun. Especially now that everyone has convinced me how fun it is to assign points and power rankings. Oooh, boy. It's about to get mathematic up in this site! Let's get statistical… Unfortunately, we're starting in negative territory with -40 points taken away from whomever decided Rahm Emanuel's departure from the White House Chief of Staff's job to run for mayor of Chicago was what everyone needed to see up top. Fred Armisen earns 3 points, one for each season he has tried to convince us that he can impersonate Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Fred lost 72 points, one for each second he was onscreen, distracting people by making viewers question why he's still Obama. Andy Samberg, as Emanuel, gets 10 points for getting to say "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!" Andy lost 1 point for making me focus on his jaw line. The...

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Paying tribute to Greg Giraldo

A private wake is being held for family and friends of comedian Greg Giraldo on Sunday and Monday, with a funeral on Tuesday. On Greg Giraldo's Facebook Fan page, family and friends have established a fund to support his three young children. In lieu of flowers, food or other gifts, they ask to send a financial donation instead to: Giraldo Children's Fund, c/o MaryAnn McAlpin-Giraldo, P.O. Box 1827, New York, NY 10025 You can also donate directly to the Giraldo Children's Fund via PayPal at this link. I know comedians have talked about doing other tributes to Giraldo. If I hear of anything formal, I'll be sure to share the info. Comedians can also share their thoughts in the comments...

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