Day: September 27, 2010

Sue Galloway and High Treason present this ad spoof for Execedrin CD brand

Sometimes I turn around and find that the UCB's Maude teams have altered their rosters. They don't ask me, nor do they always tell me. NYC-based sketch group High Treason has added Sue Galloway (30 Rock) to their team, which is great news for an already fun team. You can see Galloway right now in a funny nationwide Sprint ad. And now you can see her and High Treason in this ad parody for Execedrin CD, wherein the CD stands for cognitive dissonance. Also featuring: Marcus Bishop-Wright, Rob Webber, Jason Saenz and Sarah Claspell. Roll the...

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SNL #36.1 RECAP: Host Amy Poehler, musical guest Katy Perry, and many cameos from SNLs past

Thirty-six seasons, and despite any number of people who say "Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny since _____ ______ left the show," the show goes on and on and continues to be an iconic television program that not only generates talk in offices and schools the following Monday, but also continues to contribute to the national discussion on political and social issues. I'm not sure anyone knew quite what to expect for the start of SNL's 36th season, considering its four new hires constituted the biggest addition to the cast since 2001, as well as what effect the departures (planned or unplanned) of veteran wild card Will Forte and newcomer Jenny Slate might have on the show's pre-existing recurring sketches. Perhaps knowing all of this — as well as the lackluster starts offered in seasons 34 and 35 by world-famous but not necessarily funny hosts Michael Phelps and Megan Fox, respectively — Lorne Michaels turned to a trusted former star of SNL in Amy Poehler to host the premiere. Of course, as we quickly learned, Michaels looked to ensure the premiere was even more of a sure thing by inviting back several of SNL's other recent bright stars for cameos both brief and extended. So. Let's get to recapping! The cold open is a dish best served not political, at least on my comedy plate, because in the past...

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Artie Lange reappeared in public, dropped in for a set Saturday night at the Comedy Cellar

In a weird bit of timing Saturday night, as Greg Giraldo was rushed to a New Jersey hospital, Artie Lange was making steps toward his comeback in New York City, appearing at the Comedy Cellar and performing onstage there. Craig Gass, who — continuing the weird coincidences, was Howard Stern's temporary comic relief sidekick before Stern hired Lange full-time — had flown into New York City to appear on Stern's show Monday morning. Gass talked about seeing Lange at the Cellar. According to Gass, Lange's opening line on Saturday night was this: ‚ÄúWell, I sure am glad that Fashion Week is over, because I am fucking exhausted.‚Äù Gass also snapped this TwitPic of himself and Lange on the sidewalk outside of the Cellar, and wrote as the caption: "Good to be back in NYC and run into people I haven't seen in a while…" It's just good to see Lange alive and out and about...

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Ed Helms: Beauty wasn’t in the eye of the bobblehead owners for some in the American cast of “The Office”

"It took them two years because I'm pretty sure they hired second graders…I remember Phyllis was so upset because the first version of hers looked like Bruce Vilanch." — Ed Helms, discussing the official bobbleheads made for cast members on NBC's The Office, after Craig Robinson displayed his own giant custom-made puppet to be a guests on Seth and Ed's Puppet Talk Show on Saturday night at the UCB Theatre in Hollywood. Background: Compare the Phyllis bobblehead on sale by NBC with a Google image search of Bruce Vilanch. Related: See and buy The Office Andy Bernard Bobblehead or the The Office Darryl Philbin Bobblehead. Each retails for...

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