Day: September 25, 2010

Comedian Tom McCaffrey and friends made a rap album. No joke. McCaffrey explains himself.

New York City audiences have not seen much of Tom McCaffrey's stand-up in the past year, but they have seen quite a bit of him rapping, either in live shows or online in music videos. That's because McCaffrey decided to produce his own rap album. "Get Rich or Move Back in with My Dad" came out Sept. 21, 2010, and he and his friends — many of whom contributed to the album — celebrate the release with a party/concert Sunday at Pianos in the Lower East Side. You can buy the CD then, or here via iTunes: Several of the 17 tracks already have music videos. Previously I posted vids for "How To Make A Hip Hop Hit 101," "Less Money, Mo Problems," and "How to Rob Comics." Here's the video for "30-Something," featuring Rob Cantrell. Roll it! Sure, the lyrics may be funny. But it seems as though Tom McCaffrey wants to be taken seriously as a rapper, too. So, which is it? Or can you be a comedian who raps, without necessarily being a rapping comedian? I asked McCaffrey to explain himself. You went to performing arts high school here in New York City. Were you a musical stand-out back then? If so, what kind of musical training did you receive? I actually don't have any musical training aside from playing the trumpet in 5th grade. At...

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In case you missed it, comedian Bob Marley set a world record with 40-hour set in Portland, Maine

Bob Marley followed through with his promise this week of breaking the world record for longest individual stand-up performance by taking the stage for a 40-hour set this week at the Comedy Connection in Portland, Maine. Ch. 8, WMTW in Portland, has the story, sort of. At 9:10 p.m., Marley broke the existing record from Australian Lindsay Webb by hitting 38 hours, 10 minutes. WMTW has footage of that moment. Marley then continued performing until 11 p.m. to hit the 40-hour mark. His effort also raised more than $12,000 for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. Congrats! If you'd like to see highlights from the performance, then you can check out Bob Marley's World Record site on Ustream. If you cannot wait for someone to try to break that record, then, please, by all means, wait. We don't need this to become a recurring thing, do...

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