Day: September 22, 2010

Look at what I found! @TheComedyStore resurrects its magic black “permanent guest pass”

Cool kids back in the day could attend any show at The Comedy Store on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip with a black "permanent guess pass" card. Guess what? They're back in limited circulation. Note: Not so good no more at the 1621 Westwood location. It's not as cool as getting your signature painted on the club's outside wall, but then again, I'm not a comic anymore. I'm The Comic's Comic. Last night, I saw Dov Davidoff do his thing on the eve of his birthday, Jeffrey Ross work on his roasting technique, then watched as Jesus tried to crack Brody Stevens' back onstage. Ah, memories. Check it out!...

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Going Hollywood: Meet Mike Bridenstine

I first saw Mike Bridenstine before I met him officially — we were both in Las Vegas for the HBO/TBS comedy festival in 2008, waiting to interview Kids in the Hall; me for this here online operation; him as a special correspondent for I met him last year when he was a New Face at Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival. And now I'm seeing him frequently this week in Los Angeles, where he has a sofa and a mattress that only another comedian (or comedy blogger) could love. Bridenstine, aka Brido, has been seen in national TV ads for Carfax, Heineken and Dunkin' Donuts, and performed on Last Call with Carson Daly. This weekend he'll appear in an episode of iCarly on Nickelodeon. He makes me laugh, whether he's saying "bang, you're pregnant," "aw, hell no," or joking about the weirdest karate place he has seen in Chicago. You can see and meet him right now. Name: Mike Bridenstine Arrival date: September 2007 Arrived from: Chicago When and where did you start performing comedy? July 31, 2002, in Iowa City, Iowa. I hosted a weekly show with road comics at a bar called the Summit and I had several hilarious takes on "Joe Millionaire" and local Cambus drivers. Two other L.A. comics (Mike Holmes and Brooks Wheelan, who are both very funny) basically got their starts in that...

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Jerry Seinfeld’s big Hollywood secret revelation tied to new Ted L. Nancy book of letters. Paging Don Novello!

Earlier this week, a CNN press release for Larry King Live promised that Jerry Seinfeld would reveal "one of Hollywood's best kept secrets" on Thursday night's show. This morning, the Today show has hinted that Seinfeld's revelation concerns the identity of letter-writer Ted L. Nancy, with whom Seinfeld has published a few books, including a new collection Seinfeld will be promoting Friday on NBC's Today show. Coincidence? Unlikely, especially since NBC's online piece promoting Seinfeld's appearance suggests the comedian has been writing under the name Ted L. Nancy the whole time. It notes that Seinfeld wrote in the forward to the most recent collection, All New Letters from a Nut: “I can conceal the secret no longer. I can’t live with myself.” Personally, I'm rooting for Seinfeld to announce that Ted L. Nancy actually is Don Novello. You may remember Novello, now 67, as the Saturday Night Live writer who also created and inhabited the character Father Guido Sarducci. But another of Novello's creations in the 1970s was Lazlo Toth, who a generation before Ted L. Nancy, wrote letters to unsuspecting business owners, politicians and others, from Presidents Nixon and Ford to McDonald's Ray Kroc. Here is a link to part of Lazlo Toth's correspondence with McDonald's in 1974. Preview more of The Lazlo Letters via Google Books. It's great stuff. And it was all done more than two...

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Bob Marley begins quest to break the world record for longest solo stand-up comedy performance

I don't know why stand-up comedians feel the need to seek and break the world record for longest individual stand-up show. I know why comedian Bob Marley is doing it — or at least the, when, where, and for whom part, as the Maine stand-up who still is not to be confused for the late reggae legend has begun his own quest this morning at the Comedy Connection in Portland, Maine, and is raising money for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. But, still, why? I sat through the 50-hour team effort at the Comic Strip Live two summers ago in NYC (read that lunacy in my Comic Strip Live Marathon posts), and even that seemed beyond practical. To have one person stay onstage for 38 hours and then some, and to have that person be funny, well, really? Here's Bob Marley's explanation/pitch. If you're near Portland, Maine, between now and Sept. 24, drop in and tell me how it's going! Roll...

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