Day: September 19, 2010

Bill Burr talks to me about his new special, “Bill Burr: Let It Go,” and filming a TV pilot with Kevin Hart

Bill Burr's latest stand-up comedy special, Bill Burr: Let It Go, debuts tonight on Comedy Central. Burr lives in Los Angeles these days, but for the past few days, he was back in New York City and took a few minutes to chat with me on the sidewalk outside of Comix. Here Burr give me and you the promotional teaser, while also admiring my cinematography budget (Note: All of the short videos include brief moments of profanity, which make them NSFW): Pre-order, eh? Yay. DVD comes out Oct. 5, 2010. When I ask Burr about knowing he has made it as a comedian, he relates an anecdote, and also magically, NYC gives us another: Burr also told me about working with comedian Kevin Hart on their Comedy Central pilot. What about clips from his special, though? OK. I can upload those, too… Like here, for instance, Burr explains why he stopped going home for the holidays. Roll...

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Watch Slovin and Allen reunite as Spy vs. Spy

If Slovin and Allen reunite onstage in disguise as Spy vs. Spy for a Jason Bourne spy-themed comedy variety show, then it only makes sense for me to surreptitiously record it, right? Or how about just the first couple of minutes, then? This cuts out before Leo Allen catches Eric Slovin breaking character after he mentions attending Temple Beth Chuckle. OK. I've already said too much. Roll the clip. Thanks to the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival for...

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