Day: September 10, 2010

As seen on TV: Ali Wong for NBC New York

If you watched the opening of the 2010 NFL regular season last night on the NBC television network, and you live in the NYC metropolitan area, then perhaps you saw comedian Ali Wong. Wong has a new spot on the telly telling us about NBC New York. Roll the clip! Related: Ali Wong headlines one night only tonight at Comix, with Kevin Camia and special guests. Shows at 8 and 10:30 p.m. Tickets: $25 ($15 in advance with discount code...

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Don Pardo still introducing viewers to SNL at 92, only this season he’ll be doing it from Tucson

The Arizona Daily Star in Tucson reports that Don Pardo, at age 92, will return once again for the 36th season of Saturday Night Live to provide the voice-over introductions of the cast, host, musical guest, and Weekend Update. Pardo had been flying back and forth from Tucson to NYC in recent years. Lorne Michaels reportedly considers Pardo to be a good luck charm for SNL. He sounded pretty frail when delivering a pre-show message to the audience that I was part of last season, so allowing him to record his intros from his home should be better for all parties concerned. Just remember, though: Pardo's still going at...

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Louis CK explains his love of hating Sarah Palin, and having to “dance” with Bristol Palin on Leno

At the screenings for his stand-up concert film, Hilarious, Louis CK was more than generous with his time and sincerity in answering questions from fans in the audience afterward this week at the IFC Center in New York City. He talked technically about the making of the film, about his close working relationship with Pamela Adlon (who played his TV wife on HBO's Lucky Louie, co-wrote a failed pilot for CBS that CK said the suits really hated, and plays a TV friend on FX's Louie, as well as a consulting producer whom he bounces ideas off of), indulged a fan who wanted him to respond to alleged bashing by Marc Maron (even though CK said he has been a friend of Maron's since both were in Boston), talked about his working relationship with Chris Rock, his comments on race (noting that he spent the first several years of his life growing up in Mexico, as half-Mexican, even though nobody ever thinks of him that way). But Louis CK also opened up about his Twitter-hate for Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008, and would-be future candidate. CK has gone to Twitter in allegedly drunken states to bash Palin. The last time he did so, he found himself a day later sitting next to her daughter, teen-aged single mother Bristol Palin, on the set...

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What’s weirder: Jeff Foxworthy joining Shark Tank, or this horribly misleading headline about him?

ABC's Shark Tank, the intriguing reality TV series that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their next great business ideas to a panel of wealthy tycoons who decide whether to invest in their ideas, is returning for a second season in 2011. So why is comedian Jeff Foxworthy joining the panel of tycoons for three episodes next season? I'm smarter than a fifth grader, so I know that means he must be made of money, so I know that also means he might no longer be a redneck. If you've got a bright idea that could pull you out of Redneck Nation and into Fort Knox, check out Shark Tank's casting info and go for it. Now if anything in that preceding paragraph rubbed you the wrong way or seemed like a poor turn of phrase, just remember this. It could've been worse. Much worse. Like, oh, say, this Miami Herald/ headline on a recent interview with Foxworthy. Can you guess what this story is really about?...

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