Day: September 9, 2010

In other news, blogs…

I don't know how many comedy sites or pop-culture blogs you read in any given day — for me, it can be numbing to see the same item/video regurgitated all over the place in the minutes and hours after a publicist sends out the mass email, while for you, you may be one of my two million readers who is reading this sentence right now, and realizing this is the first time you've even heard of my site, and also that the grammar police should show up any moment now to sentence this sentence to death. It's all a healthy reminder to me and everyone else to make sure our little corners of the World Wide Web are unique, special snowflakes that give you reason to roll us up into balls or lie down in us and make snow angels. Whichever metaphor made you feel more comfortable. In the meantime, here's what circulated around the Internet today while I was out of the office… FUNNY NEWS! Showtime ordered a six-episode second season of The Green Room with Paul Provenza, to air in 2011. Congrats, Paul! Related: Read my interview with Provenza about the show back in May. FUNNY INTERVIEWS!, of all places, decided to go inside SNL with this interview with longtime Weekend Update writer/producer Doug Abeles. Good stuff! FUNNY VIDEOS! Funny or Die's front-page "exclusive" sends Hal...

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Nick Swardson’s classy promo, and a slice of life from Garry Gaga, brother of Lady, in “Pretend Time”

If MTV didn't give Nick Swardson a chance to say much yesterday, then Comedy Central is making up the difference and then some in a new promo for his upcoming sketch comedy series, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time. It debuts Oct. 12, 2010. The series. Not this clip. It debuts now! Classy! Here is a peek at a sketch called "Famous Siblings," with this installment profiling Lady Gaga's older brother, a cop named Garry who has the mustache of a cop, if not the uniform of one. Roll...

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Andy Haynes makes his network TV debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Just a couple of months ago, Andy Haynes, a Seattle stand-up comedian who now lives in New York City, was a "New Face" at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. Overnight, Haynes made his network TV debut telling jokes on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Counted multiple applause breaks and several people like me who made a mental note of the phrase "goofed in my pants." Remember this when it enters the lexicon. By the way "enters the lexicon" someday will be listed as a synonym for "goofed in my pants." At least in infinity entendre land. Roll the...

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Add this cold-calling clip to Mark Cohen’s acting reel, thanks to his “manager” Sarah Silverman

There's a new clip on Funny or Die this morning featuring Mark Cohen making a telephone call to a phone acting institute. Very meta. Funny stuff. Hey, did you notice who uploaded the clip? It's not Cohen. Nope. Sarah Silverman done did make this happen. Roll it. Mark Cohen Makes A Call from Sarah Silverman Now why would Sarah Silverman be uploading clips of Mark Cohen? Perhaps it's because Cohen played "Max Silverman," Sarah's TV father on her Comedy Central show, The Sarah Silverman Program. Yes. That's true. That's a thing that did happen. But as you can see in this 2008 video behind-the-scenes at Comedy Central, Silverman and her cohorts, from executive producers Rob Schrab and Dan Sterling, to co-stars Steve Agee and Sarah's sister, Laura Silverman, offer up testimonials for Cohen. Sarah herself even says she thinks she should be her manager. So contact her if you'd like to book Mark Cohen for your next...

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