Day: September 8, 2010

Nick Swardson’s mustache has nothing to say about Danny McBride’s other new movie with Aziz Ansari

The folks at MTV caught up with Danny McBride and Nick Swardson on the set of their upcoming movie, 30 Minutes or Less, which Ruben Fleischer is directing with a cast that also includes Aziz Ansari, Jessie Eisenberg and Fred Willard. But that's not what MTV wanted to talk about. Not in this clip, anyhow. In this clip, McBride talks about another upcoming movie project he's working on with Ansari, which McBride says is called "Olympic-Size Asshole." That film is from a pitch by Ansari and 30 Rock's Matt Hubbard, with Parks and Rec scribe Harris Wittels attached to write the screenplay for McBride's production company. Nick Swardson and his mustache have no comment. Roll the...

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NPR’s Fresh Air remembers Robert Schimmel

NPR's Fresh Air remembered Robert Schimmel today by replaying 14 minutes of the interview Terry Gross conducted with the late comedian in March 2008. There's something about hearing Gross ask Schimmel to describe merkins on NPR, and then hearing her giggle as he did so, that's comforting today. NPR used to include embeds for their radio broadcasts, but no more? Hmmm. Listen to Fresh Air's remembrance of Robert...

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Mark Malkoff spends “5 Days in the Bathroom.” In Part 1, he’s already looking for a way out!

Mark Malkoff recently spent five straight days in his bathroom. On purpose. Got quite a bit of publicity for it, because he's got a knack for these wacky stunts. See my previous report on Malkoff. But as we see in Part 1 of his My Damn Channel series, "5 Days in the Bathroom," Malkoff already finds himself halfway out the window at one point. He has gone bonkers, I tells ya. Bonkers! Roll the...

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New Yorker Festival releases 2010 schedule: SNL, Steve Carell, Paul Reubens and more, oh my!

The New Yorker magazine released the schedule for its 2010 festival today, and there are a few big highlights for comedy fans, and that's not even counting ESPN's Bill Simmons, or a vampire panel that has Stephen King talking with the screenwriter for the Twilight series! Talks you might be interested in include… Oct. 1, 2010: Alec Baldwin (30 Rock, SNL host with the most) gets debriefed by Ariel Levy ($35) Oct. 2, 2010: Paul Reubens talks about Pee-wee Herman ($35) Oct. 3, 2010: Steve Carell faces his final year in The Office ($30); Seth Meyers and other SNL cast members talk with David Remnick...

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Last Comic Standing 7 tour begins tonight in California, heads across North America

The finalists from season seven of NBC's Last Comic Standing begin a North America tour tonight in Chico, Calif. Great news for Felipe Esparza, Tommy Johnagin, Roy Wood Jr., Mike DeStefano and Myq Kaplan, as well as fans of these comedians who'd like to see them live in a city near them between now and early 2011. But why can't Ticketmaster settle on one name for the tour so it's easy to get tickets? It's listed under five different names, depending upon the...

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