Day: August 12, 2010

Delocated returns Aug. 22 to Adult Swim; adds cast members, now a half-hour “silly drama”

The second season of Jon Glaser's Delocated will return to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on Aug. 22 as a half-hour, twice as long as before, and sources have told me that Adult Swim liked the early episodes so much they already have extended the second season. You can see some behind-the-scenes shots and comments from Glaser about Season 2 and Season 2.5 on the Delocated Tumblr. Here's what else I can tell you based on the first two half-hour episodes, which I have seen. It almost immediately switches from a silly comedy to a "silly drama" as the TV network seeks out Sergei Mirminsky (Steve Cirbus) to do the job that his brother, Yvgeny (Eugene Mirman), could not: Kill "Jon." Episode #201, "Decoys," ups the ante as Sergei goes on a killing spree, while "Jon" goes on defense by hiring a slew of decoys. We also see the introduction of Jerry Minor as "Mighty Joe Jon, the black blonde," and Todd Barry playing himself, as a comedian friend of Yvgeny's. If you remember from season one, Yvgeny, in addition to being a Russian hit man, also began to pursue a career in stand-up. Episode #202, "Conversions," finds things spiraling further out of control. Mather Zickel shows up as federal agent Rob, who also happens to be the new boyfriend of Jon's wife, Susan. Larry Murphy returns as the doorman,...

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To Todd Phillips, Re: Congrats on acquiring the rights to produce a John Belushi biopic

Hey Todd, Congrats on acquiring the rights to produce a biopic of the late, great John Belushi. I read about it in the trades this morning. I know, you know, we all know you like showcasing great comedians in your movies. Are you already familiar with Sean Patton? If not, brush up on Sean Patton. Thanks! Hope the rest of your summer is going well. I enjoyed seeing you on the set of Due Date last November, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished movie this November. Sincerely,...

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Pic of the Day: Even Jimmy Kimmel wonders about Twitter’s new “Who to Follow” feature

If you are on Twitter, then you have noticed the microblogging social network recently added a "Who to Follow" feature that suggests people for you to, well, follow, in the upper right-hand corner of your main page. It appears to simply look at whom you're already following, then generate suggestions based upon that, and then suggest the most popular people among that group. Which is usually redundant, because it'll suggest people you've probably thought of following or used to follow but later decided against doing so. In the case of Jimmy Kimmel, it gave him this combination that made him take a snapshot and wonder: "Why is my "who to follow" feature intentionally F-ing with me?" We understand if you don't feel like reading the ongoing thoughts of your ex-girlfriend and your late-night TV rival. We completely understand. Thumbs down, Twitter. Thumbs...

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Eliza Skinner auditions for every part she could possibly play in a Tyler Perry movie

Eliza Skinner may be spending her August in Edinburgh performing at the fringe festival with Baby Wants Candy, but she wants Tyler Perry to know she is available for his next film, whatever that may be. Did you know Skinner appeared in an episode of the first season of TBS' Are We There Yet? She did. As she says in describing her audition, she writes: "I love Tyler Perry. As a white actress there are only a few roles I could play in his movies. Here is my audition for all of them." Here is Eliza Skinner's audition reel for Tyler Perry. Roll...

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