Day: August 5, 2010

James Gunn reveals one piece of the puzzle that will become The Farrelly Brothers Untitled Comedy

What if I were to tell you that Peter and Bobby Farrelly were putting together a collage of wacky comedy shorts to become the next generation's version of Kentucky Fried Movie? OK, now what if James Gunn were to tell you that, considering he has directed Elizabeth Banks and Josh Duhamel in one of the shorts for the "secret" "untitled comedy" film? Gunn did just that, posting this description on his site to clarify the photo Banks Tweeted from the set July 1: Anyway, I‚Äôm working on what can only be called The Farrelly Brothers Untitled Comedy. There‚Äôs another name for it, but I‚Äôm sworn to secrecy. The film is a collection of completely over-the-top shorts in the style of Kentucky Fried Movie (or, a film I prefer, if only for the classic Griffin Dunne hand-puppet sequence) Amazon Women on the Moon. Each short is directed by a different director ‚Äì Peter Farrelly, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, and more. I‚Äôm directing one of the shorts, starring Elizabeth Banks and Josh Duhamel. I can‚Äôt really say anything else, except that the short also heavily involves 2D animation. Doing the Farrelly Brothers project has been a lot of fun ‚Äì for years now, I‚Äôve been told I‚Äôm going ‚Äútoo far‚Äù, by movie studios, television networks,, XBox, etc, etc, etc. Finally I‚Äôve met my match in producers Peter Farrelly and Charlie Wessler...

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Could “National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle” be too good to be TV true?

When Adult Swim began airing episodes of Childrens' Hospital last month, they aired an ad for a different kind of action show called National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle. It's an over-the-top spoof starring Paul Scheer, with contributions from Rob Riggle, June Diane Raphael and Brandon Johnson. Funny enough, right? Well, now there's a second, longer clip for the show. But is it a show? Or just another funny trailer for something that we'll never actually see on television. Inquiring minds, join me in...

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Memo to HBO: Who wouldn’t want to see Lizzy Caplan date a bunch of boner groaners?

News broke over the weekend that Julie Klausner's memoir, I Don't Care About Your Band, may become a HBO series, starring Lizzy Caplan as Klausner. OK. Several things. Did you see that picture Deadline used of Caplan (see above)? Have you seen Lizzy Caplan at all? Would you like to see her star in her own series dating a bunch of losers? Would you like to see her starring in her own series? Of course you would. We all would. Julie Klausner certainly would, because I asked Klausner how she felt about Caplan re-enacting her real-life on the small screen, and this is what she told me: Soooooo crazy thrilled. Ecstatic, delighted, um..where's my thesaurus? Basically, everything besides "over the moon," because only assholes say "over the moon" about stuff. Lizzy Caplan is so awesome. She's that kind of rare funny, smart, sexy girl that both women and men love, and she totally gets the book. Also, she's insanely hot. So there are benefits to that as well, though I often wonder how a filmed adaptation starring the late, great Anne Ramsey (of "Throw Momma From The Train" fame) would have handled the role. Also, so interesting to see that this is coming to HBO via Gary Sanchez Productions, through UCB player Owen Burke, and that he, Jessica Elbaum, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy would all have...

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SNL auditions in Chicago during #dcm12, leaving 1/10th of The Reckoning to face “the reckoning”

I'll have a longer report about the 12th annual Del Close Marathon soon enough, but perhaps the most awkward moment of DCM12 happened on Friday night, right after BASH! received a standing ovation for Blaine Swen's one-man improvised musical. That's when one lone member of Chicago-based troupe The Reckoning took the stage to announce that every single other member of his group was still in Chicago, auditioning for Saturday Night Live. "Have I mentioned the good news?" he asked the standing-room-only crowd inside the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. I happened to be standing next to Swen during the weird half-hour one-man improv that followed, and he told me that his BASH! show originated under similar circumstances. Swen, who also founded and directs the very popular Improvised Shakespeare troupe, said he was left stranded by his improv troupe on a show about three years ago and decided to go for it all by himself. So who knows what Jake Schneider will do next year all by himself? In a weirdly coincidental chain of events, one of Schneider's missing members of The Reckoning — SNL writer Michael Patrick O'Brien — was in Chicago on Friday night with Lorne Michaels during the Chicago audition showcases, which included the other members from the troupe. No word on any comedians getting contracts to join the cast as featured or mainstage players on SNL, but...

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