Day: August 3, 2010

Watch Doogie Horner perform live on network TV for a spot in the finals of “America’s Got Talent”

Here's the thing. Stand-up comedians have a tough road if they want to win NBC's America's Got Talent. You know it. I know it. Even judge Howie Mandel knows it. So it's interesting to watch the path of Philadelphia-based stand-up Doogie Horner, who faced a hostile crowd at his first performance, had no crowd outside of the judges in his Vegas performance, and now had to perform live in primetime tonight in Hollywood as the only stand-up remaining in the field. How'd he do? Roll the clip and find out! And if you see it tonight and dial his digits 1-800-602-4805 before the voting period ends, maybe you'll see him make the final 12. Certainly, all three judges were impressed by his delivery and overall silliness. Roll...

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Bill Cosby calls CNN to report he is alive, and he has a free iPhone app in case you ever miss him

Last night I felt so exhausted that I fell into a sleep coma. But at least I wasn't dead, or almost as bad, having people spread a hoax that I were dead, which is exactly what happened to Bill Cosby. Again. So The Cos even went so far on Monday night as to call up CNN and report that the reports of his demise were premature. Or something like that. In related news, Bill Cosby has a free iPhone app. I downloaded it myself, and it continously feeds you short audio clips of The Cos, with links to other recordings, his current tour schedule and more. Cosby also is on Twitter, but you knew that much already, didn't...

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