Day: July 27, 2010

Complete your Hannibal Buress collection by buying his CD, “My Name Is Hannibal”

Hannibal Buress recorded "My Name is Hannibal" back in January 2009 at the Lakeshore Theater in his native Chicago. The Lakeshore has since closed, but everything else in comedy opened up for Buress in a big way between then and now. We're talking about a guy whose TV set was so strong, that in only a few minutes on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he impressed them and Lorne Michaels enough to offer him a job — without a writing packet — writing for SNL. A guy who started a weekly comedy night from scratch in a rock club lounge in Williamsburg that is packed despite the fact that crowds likely know none of the other comedians on the bill — except for the times that someone like Chris Rock drops in. That's the kind of respect Buress has garnered in the past year and a half from the industry and his peers. And it's all well-deserved. I may have said before on this site that Buress in some ways reminds me a bit of the late Mitch Hedberg, and I mean that in only the great ways. The ways he creates suspense where you might not have found any, and how his laidback style does not in any way shortchange his stage presence or confidence, not even when he acknowledges the weirdness of any situation in the room. On...

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Louis CK’s “Hilarious” concert film to air on EPIX in September; Comedy Central and DVD in 2011

Louis CK's stand-up concert film, Hilarious, which premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival, will make its TV debut first on cable and satellite via EPIX this September, followed by a 2011 run and DVD release through Comedy Central. As Louis CK told me in our most recent interview, none of the stand-up you're seeing on his new FX sitcom, Louie, is from Hilarious. It's from the hour he wrote in 2009. And that's not all. He also is embarking on a completely new tour in September called...

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Comedy Central, Jon Stewart and Robert Smigel to present third “Night of Too Many Stars” in October

Comedy Central announced today it would go in for a third biennial production of Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbook Concert For Autism Education, hosted by Jon Stewart and spearheaded by Robert Smigel. The event will tape Oct. 2, 2010, from the Beacon Theatre in NYC, and air on Comedy Central on Oct. 21. Stewart will host an evening of live performances, video and more, with appearances and/or performances from, among others: Lewis Black, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Joel McHale, John Oliver, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog. Tickets go on sale Aug. 2 via Ticketmaster or the Beacon Theatre. For VIP tickets ($1,250), which includes access to the afterparty with the comedians, email Comedy Central also helped produce and broadcast this charity fund-raiser in 2006 and...

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Flashback: UCB all-stars (and Sarah Silverman) taunt Jack McBrayer in DCM11’s “Match Game ’76”

We're just a few days away from the start of the 12th annual Del Close Marathon — that's DCM12 for short (and for Twitter hashtag purposes) — and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has released the footage from the show that's always a DCM showstopper: That late-late-night Saturday all-star showcase parody of "Match Game '76," where in recent years, the only things you can count on are Paul Scheer doing his own version of the late Gene Rayburn, contestant Jack McBrayer playing himself and seemingly more frightened every year because he doesn't know how or what the dozens of UCB players (in celebrity characters) will do to taunt him. It's at 2 a.m. Sunday this weekend. Last year, for DCM11, the cast of characters were played by the likes of Rob Huebel, Brett Gelman, Nick Kroll, Doug Benson, Horatio Sanz, Anthony Atamanuik, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, Chris Gethard, Rob Lathan, Jon Daly, Katie Dippold, Seth Morris, Sean Conroy, Owen Burke, James Adomian and yes, that is Sarah Silverman in disguise as Carl Weathers. Oh, and people also did the show completely disguised as Flipper and Dr. Zaius. Let's just say it's Not Safe For Work, because it most definitely is. See you this weekend. Roll...

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Last Comic Standing 7: The Final 6, Just For Men

And suddenly, our nationally televised stand-up comedy competition has become a comedy pageant, because right off the top, our seven remaining comedians step up to the mic and tell us their names and "hometowns." But it's going to be too late for one of these seven to win our hearts and our votes, because those votes already have been cast and sealed away. It has been brought to my attention that perhaps the one mistake Last Comic Standing has made this year that didn't seem like a mistake until now, is that they should not have gotten rid of the house. Some of the challenges of seasons past didn't really do justice to the art and life of a comedian, but the very fact that we got plenty of time to see the finalists offstage meant that we also got to find out whether we liked them, and that might have helped some of this year's contestants much more than an edited or scaled-down set of only two to three minutes. If anything, this season has given the most stage time to its three judges, which is great news for Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero and Greg Giraldo — and especially for Kindler, who has (if anyone wants to crunch the numbers and challenge me on this, you'll be wrong) generated the most quips, zingers and audible laughs out of...

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