Day: July 23, 2010

The Collective absorbs Adept Entertainment into its comedy and talent management fold

Want to know who came out of Montreal with a deal? The young ladies of Adept Entertainment, that's who, as the talent management firm started just last year by Abbey Robertson and Melody Hammer officially became a part of The Collective late today. The deal actually was in place by the time of this month's Just For Laughs Montreal festival, but hammered home, so to speak, this afternoon. Robertson and Hammer bring with them to The Collective the following client roster of up-and-coming comedians/actors: Chris Fairbanks, Adam Hammer, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Tony Sam, Karl Hess, Dan Dominguez, Julius Callahan and Dana Moglan. The Collective — which manages comedian/actors such as Eddie Izzard, Andy Dick, Greg Giraldo and Andy Milonakis, in addition to musicians and other performing artists — previously formed a partnership with production company Salient Media in...

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The cast of FOX’s “Bob’s Burgers” at Comic-Con ’10

There are lots of panels going on in San Diego this weekend as part of Comic-Con International 2010. Here is a group photo taken from one such panel, for FOX's upcoming midseason animated series, Bob's Burgers. I feature it here because all of the main characters are voiced by actual comedians. Happy happy joy joy. The show debuts in January 2011. Clockwise from top left: Eugene Mirman, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Kristen Schaal and down at 6 o'clock, thumb-sucker H. Jon Benjamin. Related: Bob's Burgers on...

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Move over Comic-Con, @peeweeherman unveils poster for his fall production on Broadway

While nerds are waiting in line for hours upon hours to look at a few minutes of a movie trailer or see movie and TV stars in person from hundred of feet away (I'm sure the weather is lovely in San Diego for Comic-Con, at least), Pee-wee Herman has unveiled his brand-new poster for his upcoming fall production on Broadway. Yay! For more information on seeing Pee-wee on Broadway, visit his official site. His limited six-week NYC engagement begins Oct....

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Tough crowd? Colin Quinn promotes his show, “Long Story Short,” with the women of “The View”

The women of The View held a "Day of Comedy" this morning, and Colin Quinn was there to promote his current off-Broadway one-man show, which Jerry Seinfeld. What's it called? Joy Behar wasn't quite sure, and Quinn took her to task for it. Other silliness took place in a few short minutes, as Quinn noticed that some of his quips weren't getting the appreciation they deserved from the live studio audience. But he knows all about tough crowds. Roll the clip. Related: Go here for actual information, clips and backstage interviews from Quinn and Seinfeld about Long Story...

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Betty White gives Ron Babcock advice on romancing older women

Ron Babcock, when he's not doing the comedy on the stage, he conducts the hard-hitting interviews for Except when he gets the chance to meet Betty White. In which case, Babcock just wants to get a little bit closer. What advice can White give him to help his cause? You'll just have to watch to find out. Roll the...

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