Day: July 22, 2010

Bill Murray dives in a dumpster pool for Letterman, takes GQ to his own private comedy school

Bill Murray. So great. So funny. Still funny. Before diving into a dumpster pool parked outside Late Show with David Letterman yesterday, Murray exclaimed: "You can't wade in, baby! You can't wade in!" Then added: "Louuuuu Piniella!" as he dove into the murky water, and cut himself on the side of the head. Roll the clip! Conveniently, this week GQ Magazine featured a sit-down interview with Murray in its annual "Comedy Issue," and here is what he had to tell them about finding comedy gold in them thar screenplays, and in life in general: But you asked how you get the comic pitch. Well, obviously a lot of it is rhythm. And as often as not, it's the surprising rhythm. In life and in movies, you can usually guess what someone is going to say—you can actually hear it—before they say it. But if you undercut that just a little, it can make you fall off your chair. It's small and simple like that. You're always trying to get your distractions out of the way and be as calm as you can be [breathes in and out slowly], and emotion will just drive the machine. It will go through the machine without being interrupted, and it comes out in a rhythm that's naturally funny. And that funny rhythm is either humorous or touching. It can be either one. But...

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Forget about Mad Men’s fourth season, here’s episode two of MA Men, working on Dunkin’ Donuts

The fourth season of AMC's critically-acclaimed Mad Men begins on Sunday with a new season set in the 1960s in New York City, but wouldn't you rather watch the current-day MA Men of Boston? They've got to figure out who will say "Time to make the donuts" in a new series of Dunkin' Donuts ads. Featuring Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block, Nate Corddry, Jamie Denbo, Jessica Chafin, Nat Faxon and Michaela Watkins. Fun fact: In one of my first articles for the Boston Herald in 2005, I made fun of NKOTB for their Super Bowl Halftime Show, and shortly afterward, got a call from one of Joey's relatives in Southie who wasn't happy and said so and then some. Fun facts! Joey is great in MA Men so now need to call. We all like it. Roll the...

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