Day: July 19, 2010

David Hasselhoff lets Comedy Central know that he is in on all of the jokes to roast him about

David Hasselhoff will be roasted by comedians on Comedy Central this Aug. 15, and the Hoff took part in two promotional videos that lets everybody know he knows what they'll be roasting him about. In this first video, Hasselhoff goes so far as to bring up all of the topics one may mock him for, only to be confronted with a cheeseburger. Yes. His self-awareness extends to the video that made us all look at the Hoff in a different light. Roll it. This second video mixes the Baywatch music with Baywatch themes and a visit by KITT. Roll it if you...

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Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry 2010: Would you believe even less focused, Just For Laughs?

Some people worried that Andy Kindler's involvement with NBC's Last Comic Standing would mean that he'd pull his punches this summer in delivering his annual State of the Industry address at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival. Those people were worrying about the wrong thing. They should have worried that Kindler's involvement in the show may have distracted him and given him too much work, such that he somehow seemed to come to the address underprepared. More than a few of his barbs were in relation to things he acknowledged onstage that he hadn't even bothered to see. There was a different feeling in the room this year, which was only half as full as it was in 2008, when comedians and industry folk packed the conference ballroom to standing-room-only capacity. Maybe half of the people felt they'd already heard enough real talk about the comedy industry the day before from Lewis Black? While Black prepared a thoughtful and blistering critique of the industry on the sixth floor of the Hyatt, two floors down in the big room, Kindler seemed even less focused than in recent years, going through his many pages of notes looking for his jokes. CORRECTION! I stand, or sit, corrected, as Kindler himself has reminded me that in 2008, the room filled up to capacity thanks to large round tables that were not present, which means...

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