Day: July 14, 2010

Canada denies Patrice Oneal border entry, canceling his Just For Laughs Montreal shows

Patrice Oneal has performed in Canada "40 times," but the forty-first time was not even close to the charm, as customs officials at the Canadian border refused Oneal entry, where he was supposed to perform his one-man show this week at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival. The Zoofest (part of JFL) main page posted an update an hour ago to apologize for the cancellation, saying: "Sad but true. Patrice Oneal is no-go at Zoofest. These things happen in our world. We are very sorry. Everybody at Zoofest wanted to see Patrice Oneal as much as you guys did." In fact, Oneal was a big hit in Montreal two years ago with his previous one-man show (my review of Patrice Oneal at JFL Montreal in 2008). What happened? Oneal explained on his Twitter feed @BIGMOMMAPRODS on Monday night: "I shoulda bn in montreal on saturday nite Canadian border police thought other wise. I now know I cn drive 12hrs straight if needed" "For anyone who heard me talk about it. Yes for that." "In a angry french girl accent it sounds really embarrassing. You commit RIP?!! Leave Kinuda now" Opie & Anthony talked about it and played old tape that explains Oneal's statutory rape conviction from when he was just 16 (she was 15 and white) — 24 years ago. Audio content is...

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Pic of the Day: Myq Kaplan gets out the last-minute votes in running for Last Comic Standing

NBC's Last Comic Standing entered the voting phase on Monday night, and less than two hours after the episode had aired on the East Coast, finalist Myq Kaplan was onstage at the weekly Whiplash showcase at the UCB Theatre. Kaplan dedicated his set to getting out the vote for himself, getting an audience member to hold up a cardboard sign with his NBC phone number for this week written on it. He also told jokes, too, to make his case to this audience. Not sure if any of those jokes will make it onto primetime network TV next Monday, but Kaplan certainly hopes to have several more chances to do so. (Photo by Mindy...

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Michael Showalter launches new web series spoofing “The Making of” TV commercials

Michael Showalter had some issues with Michael Ian Black, and now he is moving on to the issue of TV advertising, launching a new web series exclusively on Babelgum called "The Making Of." In four installments, Showalter will break down the creative process of your better-known commercials, such as this first episode, in which he shows us how Intel's "bah-buh-bah-bum" choir was drilled into precision. Maybe they should have watched Glee? Roll it. And no, I have no idea what's going on in this photo, but stay tuned and we'll all find out the answer in a future episode of…"The Making...

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