Day: July 8, 2010

Watch: Jay Leno jokes about Emmy noms; errantly digs Letterman; hosts Jane Lynch, Steve Carell

With Jay Leno "enjoying" his worst Tonight Show ratings in years, and also getting shut out on the Emmy nominations while Conan O'Brien — who had to submit on his own behalf since NBC was no longer behind him — earned four nods, Leno tried to be self-deprecating about it in his monologue tonight. And yet. And. Yet. Leno tried dragging Letterman into his situation, saying Dave also got no nominations, when his CBS Late Show in fact got two Emmy nominations this year for directing and overall technical camerawork (just not in the big overall and writing categories). Leno was fortunate, at least, to have Emmy nominees Steve Carell and Jane Lynch both booked on the program, and this clip highlight includes both of them as well. Roll the clip...

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Craig Kilborn returns to TV for first series since 2004 in “The Kilborn File,” but why, exactly?

Craig Kilborn left his CBS late-night talker, The Late Late Show, in August 2004 in what he called an "early retirement." But Kilborn — much like the athletes he covered in his years as an ESPN sportscaster, and played against in basketball when he was a student — has a different definition of retirement. So now there is his comeback.  Kilborn is in his second week of a short summer tryout on several FOX affiliates with The Kilborn File. It airs at 7 p.m. weekdays here in NYC. I've watched most of the episodes, and I've yet to figure out why he came back, exactly. Hence the headline. It seems like a warmed-over version of his previous Late Late Show and even his version of The Daily Show at Comedy Central. The set certainly evokes the aesthetics of the former, and his "5 Questions" is a holdover from both the former and the latter. He has a sidekick, Christine Lakin, who sits close to the desk but only gets a few lines each episode, and her role is largely undefined. He has taken a page out of other recent talkers (Chelsea Lately, Joy Behar, Bill Maher) with his "Power Panel" segment, essentially bringing in two comedians to deliver a couple of zingers on topical pop-culture headlines. You can look at clips on YouTube of The Kilborn File. When you...

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2010 Primetime Emmy Award nominations in comedy (and we honor those who were snubbed)

The 2010 Primetime Emmy Award nominations were announced on live TV (and also Ustream, because it's 2010 now, so even the TV people recognize that people are watching their TV online) this morning. Nomination announcer Sofia Vergara did get a nod herself in the supporting actress category for her work on ABC's Modern Family (itself a big winner already in its rookie season), while her fellow announcer Joel McHale did not get recognized for his work on NBC's Community (which got snubbed outright in its rookie season; really?!?). Winners will be announced on NBC live in all American time zones on Aug. 29, 2010. Outstanding Comedy Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Glee, Modern Family, Nurse Jackie, The Office, 30 Rock. Snubs: Parks and Recreation, which was by far the star of the NBC Thursday comedy block; The Big Bang Theory, which is the CBS comedy Americans have warmed up to, and critics also like; also mildly surprised, solely based on how the Emmys work, that they didn't recognize Party Down, because usually they recognize a show that critics love but got cancelled due to ratings. Speaking of which, Chuck fans, anyone? That show must still be a guilty pleasure. Notes: Curb benefitted from the Seinfeld "reunion," don't you think? I guess this means I need to watch Nurse Jackie??? At least we didn't see a nom here for Entourage, Two...

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Steve Carell takes over The Colbert Report, gets Colbert to drop character and a Jon Stewart cameo?

On the eve of the annual Emmy nominations, Steve Carell made his first appearance on The Colbert Report since Carell and Colbert both were colleagues on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The reunion did not disappoint! Carell opened the show by taking over the show, insisting instead, in a grey suit that closely matched Colbert's own, that we would be watching The Carell Corral. That may have been Colbert's dream, but comedy fans weren't dreaming when they saw Colbert drop his "Stephen Colbert" arch-conservative character to engage in a witty repartee with Carell about the movie he was plugging, Despicable Me, and their mutual careers post-Daily Show in a re-enactment of their old "Even Stephen" segments. And all of that posturing prompted a cameo, albeit on a screen behind the duo, of Stewart himself to ask how he can move on and take his career to the next level after The Daily Show. Is that a question he really needs to be asking in real life? Let's not think about whether he'll take over Late Show when David Letterman retires, and just for these next six-plus minutes, enjoy the reunion for what it was. Roll the...

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