Day: July 6, 2010

Watch and listen to Paul Provenza’s all-star soundbite trailer for ¬°Satiristas!

Have you picked up Paul Provenza's new book, "¬°Satiristas!," his collection of interviews with comedians and satirists, accompanied by photos from Dan Dion? If not, then perhaps this trailer featuring an all-star collection of soundbites, led off by the late George Carlin, will help you decide.  You can also read my interview with Provenza about the book and his new TV series, The Green Room, with is running this summer on Showtime. Roll the...

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Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant provide a review of the porn parody of their “Reno 911”

If you've been following trends in pornography, and who hasn't, am I right, ladies? Hold on, that sounds too smug. Let's try this again. The biggest fad in porn over the past couple of years has been making full-on parodies of popular TV shows. Instead of just using a funny title, which porn had been doing for decades (think: When Harry Ate Sally; White Men Can't Hump), the adult film community has tried to get our collective attention by getting more into comedy character and impersonating the shows they're parodying with the sex and the sex and the more sex. It certainly got the attention of Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant, who sat in the Funny or Die "balcony" to provide a review of the XXX porn parody of their long-running Comedy Central comedy series, Reno 911. It's almost Safe For Work, but the language is definitely NSFW. Roll...

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