Day: June 27, 2010

Team Coco Presents The Conan Writers Live on TBS

The first person we see on tonight's TBS special, Team Coco Presents The Conan Writers Live, is a writer of the online variety as Team Coco's blogger Aaron Bleyaert visits the dressing room of host Andy Richter. The first person we see performing onstage is Reggie Watts, the musical talent and Team Coco's opening act on this spring's North American theater tour as suggested by Conan's TV writers. Watts provides the special's theme music and also delivers a rather straightforward — well, in as much as anything Watts does can be construed as straightforward — song about women who carry big ass purses. And as Richter notes in his opening monologue, it's a wonder any of the writers are getting primetime TV exposure, joking: "The main reason you're getting to see them at all is because Conan cannot be on TV until the fall. And as I think everybody knows by now, Conan is very easily threatened and unbelievably insecure. So he has been keeping these guys down for years. But not tonight!" As for the writers who we do get to see on TV, Brian Kiley kicks things off properly with a tight five-minute set of his well-crafted one-liners about parenting. After the first commercial break, Richter introduces Deon Cole by noting that Cole had performed so well as a stand-up on Conan's show that they hired him to...

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Ellen’s Somewhat Special Special features quick-change artists, acrobats, magic and John Mulaney

In her fourth variety special for TBS, and second filmed from the Just For Laughs Chicago comedy festival, Ellen DeGeneres welcomes back Nick Cannon as her DJ, and also showcases the quick-change artists seen previously on America's Got Talent, acrobats, a magician, a heartfelt audience Q&A that — since today marked Gay Pride Parades around the country — seems more than fitting for DeGeneres, and a guest stand-up performance by Chicago native John Mulaney. The Mulaney clip isn't online yet — Ellen's Somewhat Special Special debuts at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight on TBS — but includes his observations on how old crimes could easily become Cold Case Files, and a rephrasing of his routine on what he'd do with the big budgets for blockbuster movies. Here, though, is a sneak peek at Ellen's opening monologue, with observations about Chicago, names, and and an appearance by the Stanley Cup-winning Chicago...

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Jim Norton blows the vuvuzela out his own ass on Opie & Anthony radio show

Some things you want to unhear but you just cannot, and such is the case with the relentless vuvuzela horn-blasting during the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Some things you want to unsee and unhear, but when Opie from Opie and Anthony has his video camera out, and Jim Norton is sticking a vuvuzela in his ass to play, er, blow, er, fart into it. Well, that's morning radio, people! Roll the clip if you...

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