Day: June 25, 2010

David Wain on bringing “Childrens’ Hospital” to TV, and why he won’t do the same with “Wainy Days”

I also had the chance at Just For Laughs Chicago to talk to David Wain, who along with Rob Corddry and Jonathan Stern is the third executive producer, and sometimes writer and director of Childrens' Hospital. Wain helps explain how they changed the show to make it more TV-friendly, how several other funny people have helped out in writing the show, and why Wain has no plans to try to turn his MyDamnChannel series Wainy Days into a TV...

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Ready for new episodes of Childrens’ Hospital on Adult Swim? Rob Corddry wants to know

At the Just For Laughs Chicago festival last week, Rob Corddry showed up with his fellow Childrens' Hospital producers David Wain and Jonathan Stern and co-stars Erinn Hayes and Lake Bell to offer a sneak peek at three episodes of the series that's making the jump from online to TV later this summer on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. It contains the same ridiculous and often outrageous sensibilities as the web series did, with turns from Rob Huebel, Megan Mullally, Henry Winkler, Malin Akerman, Ken Marino and a wide array of guest stars. Alas, the Childrens' Hospital screening and Q&A took place last Thursday night at the same time as Team Coco was taping a TBS special at a sold-out theater downtown, Aziz Ansari had packed another theater, The Second City's Class of 1979 was putting on a charity reunion performance, and, oh, the NBA's biggest teams, Lakers-Celtics, was down to Game Seven. That still should have left a million Chicagoans to show up at Park West, right? Not quite. There were plenty of empty seats at Park West, which prompted Corddry and his colleagues to start their show on an odd foot, and it just got darker and weirder from there. Before I go on, this is what Corddry had to say to me after the show, in which he explained how Adult Swim is a perfect TV home...

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Meet Ben Gleib as Ben Gleib meets the Twilight fans

Oh, wait. I got this wrong. This is obviously footage of Ben Gleib talking to fans silly enough to stand in line for hours for the new iPhone. No. Oops. Sorry about this. It's actually Gleib with Star Wars fanatics camped out in line. Oh, gosh golly whoopsie daisy. It's Comic-Con. No? Maybe we should have stuck with the original title, since the latest Twilight book-to-movie had its Hollywood premiere, and Gleib stared straight into the Eclipse to confront the ridiculous Team Edward and Team Jacob fanatics. I mean, you know and I know this is all a bit ridiculous, but what makes fanatics like these (or Harry Potter fans, even) extraordinarily odd to observe is the fact that there should be no suspense in anticipating a movie franchise that follows a book series. But what do I know? Roll tape. And now that Ben and I both feel like we've wasted everyone's time, let's try to salvage this post with some TV footage of Gleib doing what he gets paid to do at the Hollywood Improv in this clip from Last Call with Carson Daly (which, yes, every time someone types this, millions of people make bewildered faces, we get it). Finally, someone defending delicious beverages! Team...

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