Day: June 23, 2010

Chris Rock tells Howard Stern about testing new material, talks up Hannibal Buress’ Brooklyn show

As part of the promotional push for the new film Grown Ups, David Spade and Chris Rock visited Howard Stern's satellite radio program. That's fairly predictable, right? As is the probability that Stern would get Spade and Rock to dish on who's got beefs with whom. This audio clip opens with a clip of Rock giving it to David Letterman earlier this year. But skip ahead to the 2:50 mark and you hear Rock explaining how he works on new stand-up material, and describes his surprise visit to the Sunday night showcase Hannibal Buress runs in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg. Rock talks about how he tests his new stuff in front of all sorts of crowds, including one full of "hip" and young people and comedians. Rock also says that he won't put any new tour dates on sale until he has spent at least six months or more making sure the new material is worth the ticket price. Well, why am I telling you what he said when you can listen to it, right...

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Cedric The Entertainer’s Urban Circus on TBS, with a cameo by Jerry Seinfeld #jflchicago

If you tune in tonight to TBS for Cedric The Entertainer's Urban Circus, then you'll probably wonder what in the world is going on when Cedric is shooing kids away from a picnic table, only to turn around and find Jerry Seinfeld amble onstage. Why would Seinfeld be on an "Urban Circus"? If I told you that Cedric the Entertainer already had appeared on The Marriage Ref, would it make more sense to you then? The more you know… Seinfeld, for his part, quips on the special: "I am urban. I was born in Brooklyn." He shares some very old jokes of his, then joins Cedric to re-enact his old bit about driving a space shuttle to the Moon (as pictured above). What about the rest of the special, you ask?  Well, first, let me just say that Lil Rel did a more than respectable job warming up the crowd at The Chicago Theatre as part of Just For Laughs Chicago, killing with local stories, jokes about black people wearing Blackhawks jerseys to get off from work, crazy women on the bus, and having fun with an audience member's giant sunglasses. Lil Rel's vocal delivery is reminiscent of the late Bernie Mac's, which either makes him a perfect fit for this assignment or impossibly awkward. But he's not part of the televised portion, so let's move on. As Cedric...

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Jimmy Kimmel broadcasts from his office on his laptop during a special “power outage” show

Look. I don't know how technology works. But I do know that when Craig Ferguson had a power outage recently, all of the lights went out in the studio, but the TV cameras continued to roll. That's weird, right? With Jimmy Kimmel, the exact opposite happened on Monday, as he had lights and action, but no camera. So he decided to take matters into his own hands, and broadcast an entire show from his laptop computer's camera. Webcam FTW. Here is the introduction to his show which aired last night, as Kimmel talks to us from his office and shows his some of his writers and backstage...

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Mr. Zed: Robot Comedian of the future since before Y2K? Watch him on “Regis and Kathie Lee” in 1993

When you and I saw "Mr. Zed" show up Monday night on NBC's Last Comic Standing as the "Robot Comedian of the future," it was rather easy to dismiss his audition as just another lark. Judge Greg Giraldo quipped, "Is this a character that you're doing?" How's this for an understatement?!?! Not only is "Mr. Zed" a character that David Kirk Taylor has been doing, but it's an alter ego he developed two decades ago and has been entertaining audiences with, both here but even more over in Italy, ever since, performing for the Pope and the president. Here he was back in 1993 with Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford. Taylor starts to talk more like a human toward the end of the interview, but I've got to hand it to this robot for staying in character for so many years. Roll the...

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