Day: June 16, 2010

Asking Christian Finnegan that essential question: “Are We There Yet?” From Oz & TBS & back to NYC

Christian Finnegan just got back from his second trip to Australia this spring, and to make him feel more at home, he's headlining this weekend at Comix in NYC. You can also see him on your TV set tonight and other Wednesday nights on TBS as Martin in the new sitcom adaptation of the movie Are We There Yet?. I caught up with Finnegan over the Internet to find out where he is, so to speak. Didn't you just go to Australia a couple of months ago? So please straighten this out for me. You went down there for a comedy festival, and then what was this second time? Did you have that planned out already, or did you get the second round of gigs because of how the fest went for you? And did your second Aussie experience of 2010 turn out differently (and how, if so) because of what you had learned from the first trip? You've got the basic gist of it. In March, I spent two weeks at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It's a beast of a festival–second only to Edinburgh, in terms of size. Just about every room in the Melbourne Town Hall is converted into a performance space, and then there are also shows in 2,000-seat theaters, small bars and everything in between. There haven't been too many Americans there in the past–other...

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Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up lineup looks like it’s doubling up on Last Comic Standing

Comedy Central has unveiled most of the lineups for this summer's upcoming series showcase, Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at The El Rey, and it's coincidental but not exactly that you'll be seeing some of the same faces and names here that you're also seeing this summer on NBC's Last Comic Standing. That's just the nature of the show business, as producers and casting agents continue to seek out the next new name to hype, they tend to hype the same pools of talent at the same time. JB Smoove hosts the series — which debuts with an hour-long block of episodes on Sunday, July 11 — with DJ Cassidy and three comedians per episode. So for that lineup: Be on the lookout for Rachel Feinstein, Kurt Metzger, Felipe Esparza, Lil Rel…told you it looks familiar…plus Mike Vecchione, Calise Hawkins, JJ Williamson, Tony Roberts, Dante Nero, Smokey Suarez, Fahim Anwar and Ray...

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Patrice Oneal talks sex acts, it’s the “Nasty Show”; is it still NSFW if Alison Brie is describing them?

A few years ago, Patrice Oneal had a routine in his stand-up act in which he described real and imagined sexual acts. He infamously even talked about it live one time on FOX News. Fun times. Now here comes a new Funny or Die routine imagining "The Committee" that approves the naming of sexual acts, and the committee consists of longtime character actress Kathryn Joosten and Rich Sommer, with Sommer's Mad Men castmate Alison Brie in the role of cutely campaigning for her own very NSFW rituals to be included into the lexicon. And yes, it's still very Not Safe For Work even when Brie, Joosten and Sommer are talking about the "Angry Pirate." Roll the clip? For the throwback, here's Oneal doing his routine a few years ago at Just For Laugh's "Nasty Show." And here Oneal is on FOX News a few years ago explaining the "Angry Pirate" and the "Donkey Punch." Related: Hey, Oneal is going to be part of the Nasty Show at Just For Laughs Chicago this week....

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