Day: June 14, 2010

Last Comic Standing 7: The NYC auditions, Part One

OK, comedy fans. We're back with the first (of how many? of how many???) episodes from the New York City auditions, and after some more glimpses of Tommy Johnagin and a naked Andy Ofiesh, here's Craig Robinson strolling down the sidewalk of West 23rd Street on his keytar with judges Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero and Greg Giraldo, plus wannabes in tow. Who here wanna be? Alycia Cooper from Maryland is our first billed auditioner. She made Giraldo laugh with her jokes about D.C.'s horrible sports teams, but she is adding tags that he and the other judges do not condone. She moves on to the night showcase nevertheless. Our first featured contestant of the evening, however, is Mike DeStefano who shows us his fellas in the Bronx to bust his chops and deliver some classic stereotypical Bronx gruff and stuff. "Hey Mikey, if you win, what's in it for us?" I've told you about DeStefano before. I will be telling you more about him in the future. His jokes about dealing with a potential agent show off his style and personality and the crew loves him as much, perhaps more, than the judges did. Kevin Bozeman of Chicago said he is pro-life except for two times. Jamie Lissow jokes about not getting the NY Times crossword. New Yorker Claudia Cogan jokes about wanting to be a nasty stripper, while...

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Is it still joke stealing if you’re rephrasing famous bits into Italian? Ask Daniele Luttazzi

What happens if you make a career for yourself as one of Italy's top satirists, only for people to eventually find out that you have used jokes and routines from more than 100 American stand-up comedians to make all of your points, claiming them to be yours? Well, meet Daniele Luttazzi. Here's a video from the Italian media outlet la Repubblica, comparing bits of Luttazzi to those of the late Bill Hicks and George Carlin. It's a double whammy — they're American and dead, who'd notice?! It looks as though this blogger has been asking Luttazzi about his joke thievery for years now, and after Luttazzi initially claimed to have worked with comics such as Emo Philips on their joke-writing (!?!), his more recent defense has been one of phrasing and pausing. As if merely translating it into Italian and moving the pauses around gives you ownership of someone else's jokes? Harrumph. Of course, even Americans in plum positions try to get away with stealing jokes from the masters, isn't that right, Mike Barnicle? Then again, even 12 years after the Boston Globe forced Barnicle out of his columnist job for lifting material from Carlin, Barnicle is still getting paid for his :unique" opinions by MSNBC and others. Will Luttazzi get the last laugh, as well?...

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Henriette Mantel and Kevin Meaney provide their spoof on The Marriage Ref

Henriette Mantel is a former stand-up comedian (she played Alice in the Brady Bunch movies) who helps produce the married-couple segments that Tom Papa and celebrity panels judge upon on NBC's The Marriage Ref. Kevin Meaney is the stand-up comedian who has lived across the street from Mantel in NYC for many years. This is their spoof on The Marriage Ref, asking Papa to judge on whether TV's "Uncle Buck" could really be a hindrance to their marriage. New Yorkers who love Gabe & Jenny will know what these two are talking about. Roll the...

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