Day: June 10, 2010

Tom Davis is dying to tell you stories about the first years of Saturday Night Live and more

Tom Davis may be a scholar and a gentleman, or he may be neither of those things, but he was one of the original writers for Saturday Night Live, and he did live a full life, which he shared parts of which with all of us in his memoirs, "39 Years of Short-Term Memory Loss," and shared more of with with me, including the fact that he's already dying, so you really should see him talk tonight with Carl Arnheiter in the opening night of Sketchfest NYC 2010 at the UCB. "Carl Arnheiter and I have done this a few times before and he is a good friend of mine. He invited me, and whenever Carl invites me, I show up. One of our conversations as I like to have, and I'm bringing clips from Saturday Night Live which are some of my favorites, and everyone is glad to see my clips from the show. We'll go wherever the conversation takes us." Considering your memoirs, do you find it strange, as I do, that some comedians boast that they have never tried drugs or alcohol? I'm not advocating becoming an addict, but do you think that a comedian needs to at least know what it's like to drink and/or smoke? "There are some other funny people who are straight arrows and always have been. To my knowledge. You never...

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UCB East Coast beats West Coast (Funny or Die) with BP parody; ABC News interviews BP satirist

So these things happened yesterday. While oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico (yeah, that sounds like a good idea), the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater's East Coast representatives decided to show us the comedy by representing how BP would have responded to a coffee spill. If they had used milk, just imagine how much crying would not have happened. This video features Eric Scott, Nat Freedberg, Kevin Cragg, Gavin Speiller, Kate McKinnon, John Frusciante, Zhubin Parang, Devlyn Corrigan, Erik Tanouye and Rob Lathan. So many people tried to watch this they crashed the UCB Comedy site. I don't think you can crash the YouTube, but if you'd like to try, then send your donations to Louisiana. Meanwhile, ABC News has decided that instead of covering actual news, it's perfectly reasonable to spend a few minutes on an actual interview with a guy who's joking about being the PR rep for BP. Sure. Fine. Um, wait....

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