Day: May 31, 2010

For your consideration: Donald Glover as the new Spider-Man? Bid launched on Twitter, Facebook

If timing is everything, then the bid by comedian and Community actor Donald Glover to get an audition for the reboot of Sony's blockbuster Spider-Man franchise shows a keen awareness of how to capitalize on it. A few days ago, Marc Bernardin wrote a lament on io9 about the fact that all of the actors seemingly up for the part that made billions of dollars previously with Tobey Maguire were, well, seemingly less exciting and bland. Like white bread bland. So Bernardin asked, does Spider-Man have to be a white guy? Sure, the teen who gets bitten by a radioactive spider on a high-school field trip always has been white-skinned in the Marvel comic books, movies, and TV movies. But the orphaned outcast from the outer borough of Queens, New York, might as well be black, Latino or Asian, right? And when a few commenters on Bernardin's blog post suggested Donald Glover for the part, complete with a photo of Glover as a geeky high-schooler from his film, Mystery Team, the comedian himself noticed. Glover launched his own campaign for the role last night on his Tumblr, writing: "I'm putting myself in the running for the Spiderman reboot. I'm actually quite interested to see how far this goes. If this happens, I'll buy each and every one of you a mini cooper." That last part may or may not...

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New online previews for NBC’s Last Comic Standing; season seven begins June 7

We're one week away from the reboot of NBC's Last Comic Standing for season seven, with new host Craig Robinson, new judges Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero and Greg Giraldo, and new contestants. So how about a few new online-only preview clips? Sounds great! Stuckey and Murray kick off this first clip, which also features appearances and/or performances from the host and judges talking about how it's legit now, plus Tommy Johnagin and Felipe Esparza. Roll it! Here's a clip of Craig Robinson hosting in what could be the intro to next week's premiere…followed by performances by Maronzio Vance, Kirk Fox, Tiffany Haddish, among others. Roll that clip. And here is Andy Kindler talking up the season, with a clip of Jonathan Thymius. Taking it to the next level! Roll the clippy...

Read More’s picks for the month of May, earning cash and more Internet viewers, sister site to Comedy Central, offers cash prizes to the most-viewed user-submitted videos to its site. That's what we in the business call a win-win, because not only do you win money, but by winning money, you also pretty much guarantee that more people are going to watch the thing for which you won the money. So who won big in May? Here are's $500 "Atom Picks" for the month. Plan B Minus is Jena Friedman's spoof of the Yaz TV commercials. It's not birth control, it's magic. (It's not magic) Roll it. MANtage by Barats and Bereta, features a montage of two guys — Luke Barats and Joe Bereta — doing a bunch of guy things. It's as simple and as manly as that. Roll...

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