Day: May 28, 2010

This Dan Cummins interview is called “Crazy with a Capital F,” and so is his new CD and DVD

Dan Cummins isn't really "Crazy with a Capital F," because that's not even gramatically correct. But he does have a new stand-up comedy CD with that title in stores now, with the Comedy Central special of same name debuting Saturday and full-length DVD to come in June. Earlier this month, Cummins joked about getting quoted by ABC News. "Finally, I've been quoted extensively by a legitimate news source," he wrote, "about buying things while drunk. Perfect." Actually, it's a perfect segue to his opening routine from "Crazy with a Capital F," which is about getting surprise gifts for yourself while you're drunk. Roll the clip! Cummins also shares his dark outlook on greeting cards, learning he has an opinion about polar bears, an even stronger thought about Garfield (the cartoon cat, not the former president), playing musical instruments, and more. Cummins told me this week that the CD is available as a digital-only download, which means you don't get to stare at his "Crazy with a Capital F" cover imagery. "I'm hoping to get a physical copy somehow. I'm a big fan of visual artwork," he said. For his previous release, he went with a clown theme that he called "a little creepy but funny." For this one? "We took it a little further with this production. Full of mannequins and dolls, old-timey dolls and then me performing to that audience."...

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Comedians navigate the Bay Area comedy scene in “Welcome to the Stage”

If you're nowhere near the San Francisco Bay Area, then this video may not make any sense to you, unless, of course, you're an aspiring stand-up comedian, in which case, you'll recognize some of the crazy things that you have to deal with in the shows you get initially to showcase your humor. Let's hear it for homeless drunks. Then again, let's don't. This is Pamela Ames and friends in the first installment of "Welcome to the Stage."...

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